Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw has left some followers upset that Han wasn’t mentioned in the movie, especially given that the person that killed him, Deckard Shaw, obtains a new brave arc in the spinoff film. That’s caused some taking to social media sites with the hashtag #JusticeForHan, as they desire Jason Statham’s personality and also the franchise business overall to take care of that component of background before they genuinely proceed. 

Chris Morgan’s Involvement In The Fast and Furious Franchise

Chris Morgan's Involvement In The Fast and Furious Franchise
Chris Morgan has written the screenplay for most of the Fast and the Furious films

Film Writer Chris Morgan has dealt with the franchise business since Tokyo Drift, though he’s moved from the core franchise business to Hobbs & Shaw. In a brand-new interview, he said that justice for Han is coming, but Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez took to social media to shoot down any type of idea that he’s got a suggestion of what’s happening. 

Michelle Rodriguez Trends Justice For Han Hashtag

Morgan claimed that he loves the hashtag, as well as while there’s an indirect recommendation with Shaw in Hobbs & Shaw, he did state the total tale would certainly supply that justice for the personality. Rodriguez took to Twitter though to inform fans that he isn’t involved with the story moving forward and also he hasn’t had much of an impact on where the story is either.

” I’ve been around since the starting before Chris Morgan came along & he has absolutely nothing to do with where this narrative is or where it’s going FYI,” Rodriquez wrote on Twitter.

Possibility of Justice For Han 

Possibility of Justice For Han 
The Hobbs and Shaw franchise may have a possibility for a mention of Han, but as of now, there have been no information about the decision.

‘ Hobbs & Shaw’ writer assures that justice for Han is coming. ‘Justice for Han is owed,’ author Chris Morgan states of the fan-favourite ‘Fast & Furious’ personality, that was eliminated by Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw.

It appears if that does occur it could be in the Hobbs & Shaw side of the franchise, as neither The Rock or Statham are involved with Fast & Furious 9.

Quick & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is in movie theatres now. Watch the trailer for Fate of the Furious here:

The Fate of the Furious - Official Trailer - #F8 In Theaters April 14 (HD)


Source: Comicbook, The Wrap

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