Marvel may have a rough past, but DC has had plenty of stumbles during its journey. After the superhero boom in 2008, with Iron Man and The Dark Knight, it seemed like everyone was into the superhero genre. The latest entry to this list is the Fifty Shades trilogy star Dakota Johnson, who has thrown her name to play Catwoman in the DC universe.

This was revealed by the actress during an interview with Vanity Fair, where the actress was hooked up to a lie detector. When questioned about what character in Marvel she’d like to play, Johnson quickly replied with Catwoman, only to realize it soon that the character isn’t a part of Marvel but DC. Here’s the video:

Apart from Fifty Shades, the actress has done commendable work in A Bigger Splash and this weekend’s Bad Times at the El Royale. Over the years, she has proved her mettle in acting, and if DC ever thinks about rebooting the character, Dakota could be an interesting choice.

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