Kanye West is moving quickly to find a new home for his Yeezy sneakers after Adidas dumped him for anti-Semitic comments. In Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, he showed up uninvited at the headquarters of Skechers, another sneaker company. The reports state that He tried to meet with Skechers executives at the company’s corporate office but was refused.

Kanye West
Kanye West

After Adidas-Kanye West ended their partnership, the rapper kept a relatively low profile-a decision that left him no longer a billionaire. However, following his controversial Yeezy show at Paris Fashion Week, where he wore a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, Kanye West’s empire crumbled quickly. A series of increasingly vitriolic rants on social media culminated in anti-Semitic remarks, and he was restricted on Instagram and Twitter. That’s when the rapper started getting abandoned by multiple brands, which was a turning point for him.

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Kanye West Shows Up Uninvited to Skechers HQ

According to sources familiar with the visit, Kanye West visited Skechers headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California, on Wednesday morning. At this time, there was no scheduled meeting with management; Ye showed up uninvited.

Kanye West Visited Skechers HQ
Ye Visited Skechers HQ

According to the shoemaker, two executives escorted West and others from the company’s premises after a brief conversation and after he “engaged in unauthorized filming.”

The company said, “Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West.”

Also, Skechers added that it condemned recent antisemitic comments that prompted a backlash among companies that had business deals with him. Furthermore, Skechers condemned recent antisemitic comments that prompted a backlash from businesses that dealt with him. There was no immediate response from Ye’s representatives, who have spoken publicly about his mental health issues.

A Twitter handle, Pop Crave, tweeted for the same: “Kanye West showed up uninvited to Skechers headquarters to try and find a new home for his Yeezy shoes, but was immediately escorted out, @TMZ reports.”

Probably the rapper wanted Skechers to be his new partner for the Yeezy shoe brand — acting both as a manufacturer and distributor, just as Adidas did before it dropped him this week. It turned out to be a no-hitter.

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Fans Troll Kanye West’s Skechers Move; What Lies Ahead?

Kim K and Kanye west
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

After being dumped by Kim Kardashian, multiple brands over his antisemitism, and his best lawyer who could help him resolve these matters, West seems clueless. After trying to find a new home for his Yeezy shoes, he failed and ended up with more trolls.

Every action the rapper takes is met with a reaction. In addition to his sensitive remarks, fans are highly trolling the rapper for the results he got after his online feud. As far as West’s fans are concerned, he is paying back karma.

Check out how fans are reacting to Kanye West’s Skechers move:


According to TMZ, the rapper may not have done his research, but Skechers was founded by a Jewish family, Robert Greenberg (founder), whose son Michael is currently the company’s president. In light of his anti-Semitic tendencies, he may have picked the wrong tree to bark up.

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Source: Twitter

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