Kanye West attracts controversies like moths to a flame and this time around he has gone above and beyond. The ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts sported at the Yeezy season 9 show of the Paris Fashion Week stirred up a big enough spectacle in itself. But it was followed by Ye’s anti-Semitic remarks that proved almost like a final nail in the coffin.

Consequently, if reports from Forbes are to be believed, the Donda rapper is not a billionaire anymore. According to a report published on October 25, the Hip Hop icon was dropped by Adidas in response to his anti-Semitic tweet, thus losing his billionaire status.

Forbes reports Kanye West’s new and reduced net worth

Kanye West loses $1.5 billion multi-year deal with Adidas
Kanye West loses $1.5 billion multi-year deal with Adidas

The Yeezy founder had claimed earlier this month in a now-deleted episode of the Drink Champs podcast that “the thing about it being Adidas is, like, I can literally say antisemitic s–t and they can’t drop me … I can antisemitic things and Adidas can’t drop me. Now what?” Following this, Adidas issued a statement conveying that their collaboration with the fashion designer was “under review”.

Forbes has released stats that suggest that the Bound 2 rapper’s multi-year association with the sportswear brand was valued at $1.5 billion, and post its termination, his net worth caps at $400 million only. The remaining financial pursuits of West have been listed as “real estate, cash, his music catalog, and a 5% stake in ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s shapewear firm, Skims.”

Kanye West's net worth reduces drastically
Kanye West surrounded by losses

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Although it is notable that according to the rapper, the outlet has been inaccurate while evaluating his net worth in the past as well. Back in 2020, when he was named a billionaire for the first time, he had texted Forbes saying, “It’s not a billion. It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.” The confidence that West has in his words is something otherworldly indeed, however being dropped by Adidas must have left quite a dent, both in his pocket and his ego.

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Other brands that cut ties with Kanye West

Kanye West dropped by Gap as well
Kanye West dropped by Gap as well

Apart from Adidas, several other brands cut off their ties with the Praise God rapper following the anti-Semitic remarks that got his Twitter account banned as well. Some of these brands are Balenciaga, production company MRC, Creative Artists Agency, and Gap. All the Yeezy products have been removed from the Gap shelves, and production of the same has also ceased. The Yeezy Gap online store has also been shut down.

Kanye West is in need of serious allies if he wants to recuperate from the cornered position he is currently in. His own words have landed him here and the only way to make amends even remotely, for now, is by apologizing. However, the Famous rapper has flatly refused to take back and plead forgiveness for any of his controversial statements.

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