Finally, DCEU’s Aquaman movie is finally hitting theaters, and fans are already eager to know how it is. While the film seems to have Wonder Woman-like potential, there’s always the concern that another Suicide Squad or Justice League debacle could be on its way. While the trailer looks refreshing and astounding, there is been no way fans can know which way this movie will lean.

Fortunately for all of us, we all get our first glimpse into Aquaman’s reception today, as Warner Bros. has now decided to lift the social media embargo on the film. Press who attended the early screenings of Aquaman have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to share their thoughts online. While full reviews aren’t allowed to be posted at this time, the critics are at least allowed to tweet to their heart’s content.

This early lift of embargo could be good news for Aquaman. Usually, if a studio is worried about a film not getting good reviews, it will wait until just before the film is released into theaters. This way, ticket-buyers won’t have that much time to experience the negative buzz surrounding a movie. So, going by this, movies with early embargoes have a greater chance of being better. Seeing as how the reactions to Aquaman are arriving online nearly a full month before its theatrical release, it seems like good things could be in store.

All that to say, here are the first reactions to James Wan’s Aquaman!

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