When Disney and Pixar announced that they were making yet another film in their flagship series of Toy Story films, many fans were curious about the long-term quality and sustainability of the film franchise. After all, what more could possibly be said about the adventures of Woody, Buzz, Jesse, and the rest of the gang in Toy Story 4?

"Gabby Gabby" Clip | Toy Story 4

First reactions to Toy Story 4 has hit online

Apparently, there’s a lot more to be gained from this franchise. The first reactions to Toy Story 4 have hit online after the film’s premiere event earlier this evening. And it seems like another strong entry, giving new purpose to Woody as he attempts to spread joy children after a lifetime as Andy and Bonnie’s great prized possession.

Woody is the focus

Once again, Woody is the focus in Toy Story 4 as he teams up with allies old and new in an attempt to rescue a new toy in the midst of his own pre- existential crisis.

Woody Toy Story 4
Woody Toy Story 4

But while his hope of saving Forky from his own insecurities takes center stage, Woody is also put in a situation where he examines his own station in life — and maybe finds some fulfillment along the way.

Pixar is the standard bearer for high quality animation films, but did they live up to their own reputation with Toy Story 4?

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Release Toy Story 4

The Toy Story 4 releases in theaters on June 20th.

What people are saying about the new movie?

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