The magnetic pair Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts are talented actresses, and fans have had the opportunity to see the duo on the big screen in We’re The Millers (2013). The friends seemed to be having a good time after the movie premiered; however, that didn’t last long. During the time, Jennifer Aniston was disappointed with the We’re the Millers co-star as sources reported that the Friends star had enough of the behavior of the female co-star.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

It was reported that Emma Roberts, the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts, assaulted her boyfriend and American Horror Story co-star Evan Peters and was later allegedly arrested for domestic violence in July 2013.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Disappointment With Emma Roberts Over Domestic Violence

We’re The Millers co-stars, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts were good friends until the film premiere. After Roberts assaulted her boyfriend, Evan Peters, things worsened later as Aniston became increasingly upset over Roberts’ abusive behavior.

Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts
Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts

According to TMZ, In 2013, at age 22, Emma Roberts was alleged to be with her then-boyfriend, Evan Peters, on a trip to Montreal, Canada. Later, Roberts was arrested for domestic violence in the wake of a fight between the couple in their hotel room after someone called the police after the fight.

As TMZ reported, cops found Peters with a bloody nose and bite marks, and Roberts was arrested immediately. Despite being taken into custody, Roberts was released shortly afterward without being charged. Following a three-year on-again, off-again relationship and an engagement, the couple called it quit in 2015.

A source revealed to Showbizspy later,

“Jen totally disapproves of Emma’s hard-partying and public blowups. She’s even told Emma that unless she shapes up, she may not be invited back for a possible Millers’ sequel.”

“Jen’s known Emma since she was 12. It’s sad because Jen’s been backing her career all the way. Jen’s an old pro, and the crazy headlines about Emma and her diva behavior just don’t sit well with her.”

Aniston reportedly warned Roberts about her reckless behavior and urged her to get her act together.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Experience With The Movie We’re The Millers

American actress Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper in We’re the Millers and said she enjoyed the experience. A marijuana dealer, played by Jason Sudeikis, assembles a fake family in Mexico as part of a drug smuggling deal in the comedy film with the 53-year-old actor playing a lap dancer called Rose.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

According to Huffington Post, Aniston said,

“(Stripping) was so much fun. I had a great choreographer – she was fantastic, and it was too great music, and it was fun.”

She continued,

You get up into my age, and you’ve gotta do a little bit more.”

Aniston credited her yoga teacher Mandy Inger for her toned body as he doubled her yoga practice. The movie was a good experience for Aniston since she had the chance to work with her best friend, Emma Roberts, but after the movie, their relationship deteriorated due to her arrest and out-of-control behavior. The film, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, also stars Emma Roberts, Ed Helms, and Will Poulter.

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Source: TMZ

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