Following the release of her epic diss song in 2023, the Colombian singer Shakira’s split from Barcelona football player Gerard Pique has been making headlines worldwide. A short time later, after the couple split up, the former footballer went official with his 23-year-old girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, despite his lack of remorse for the emotional trauma he inflicted on his ex-partner. In addition, new reports indicate that Gerard Pique attempted to reconnect with Shakira before he became official in his romance with Clara Chia Marti, but he was unable to do so.

Shakira and Pique with their kids
Shakira and Pique with their kids

After eleven years of relationship, the footballer and the Colombian singer announced their separation in June 2022. The former couple finalized the arrangements for child custody late last year. It appears, however, that she is still struggling with the emotional impact of her partner cheating on her, resulting in her new diss song.

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Gerard Pique’s Unsuccessful Attempt To Reconnect With Shakira

In some reports, Gerard Pique once regretted his decision to split from Shakira and tried to rekindle relations with her after they separated. However, after spending a decade together, they never got married. The relationship did not last even after 12 years of togetherness; they announced their separation last year over Pique’s affair with Clara Chia Marti.

Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique
Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique spotted together

According to a report by journalist Jordi Martin, sources close to Shakira indicated that Pique almost ended the relationship in April of 2022 before announcing publicly. One month after leaving the family home, he attempted to rekindle his relationship with the Colombian singer, as he may have regretted his decision to part ways.

Jordi Martin revealed,

Pique regretted leaving Shakira and decided to try again.”

In her recent record-breaking song, BZRP Music Sessions #53, Shakira may hint at the incident, singing,

“I’m not coming back to you, not even if you beg me.”

Possibly, Pique’s attempt to reunite with his former partner was unsuccessful, and he moved on to establish a relationship with a new girlfriend.

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Gerard Pique Was Seen In Barcelona Following Shakira’s Diss Song Ruckus

The former footballer Gerard Pique was spotted driving with his children in Barcelona on Friday, regardless of the ruckus happening all around due to Shakira’s diss song, in which she aimed him, his new girlfriend, and Pique’s mother. He was snapped with the children by paparazzi, he was clearly spending quality time with them. They were seen traveling in his luxury Range Rover in Barcelona, and the kids were sipping juice in the backseat. Pique wore a cream-knitted jumper with a high neckline, and his brunette locks were tousled.

Gerard Pique was spotted with kids in Barcelona (Credit: Splash)
Gerard Pique was spotted with kids in Barcelona (Credit: Splash)

Even though the situation has been going on lately, Pique has equal rights to spend time with his kids as the former couple mutually settled the child custody arrangements late last year. It was initially planned that Shakira would move to Miami at the beginning of this month, but due to her father’s health condition, the plan was postponed, and the children returned to their usual school schedules.

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Source: Marca, The Sun

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