He is not just about his flaming motorcycle and a fiery chain. There are so many secret abilities the Ghost Rider possesses that by the time this list ends, you would no longer worship Thor or the Hulk as Marvel’s strongest superhero.

Weather Manipulation

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You thought only Storm of the X-Men possesses this power? Well think again! The previous two riders – Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes were tricked by Mephisto into becoming Ghost Riders. But the newest Ghost Rider Alejandra Jones was trained to contain the power of the Spirit of Vengeance. She knew the upper limits of the Ghost Rider’s powers, allowing her to unlock abilities none of the Ghost Riders who came before her could. She could use the Spirit of Vengeance’s devilish skills to manipulate the weather patterns. There have been several times where she has made an entrance through clouds of flaming skulls. Using lightning to literally strike down evil-doers is her signature move.

Power Of Imagination

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The powers of the Ghost Rider are pretty much akin to that of a Green Lantern Power-Ring. It is only limited by your will-power and your penchant for imagination. Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes as well as the other Riders that came before them had different skills and abilities. That is because each host imagined the Ghost Rider‘s powers to be different. The Spirit of Vengeance can grant its host literally any power imaginable. All the host needs to do is will it to happen. Using just her mind, Alejandra willed the Spirit of vengeance to give her incredible super powers that nobody knew the Rider could possess.

Resurrecting The Dead

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The Ghost Rider is a being hailing from Hell. As the Devil’s number one handyman, the Spirit of Vengeance imbues some really neat abilities to whoever bonds with it. One of the abilities is the power of resurrecting dead people. The Ghost Rider can open a gateway to the afterlife and bring back people from the dead. To do so, the person’s spirit must be in hell since the Rider has no jurisdiction over heaven. the Ghost Rider can also use his body as a conduit to bring back spirits of Hell to their respective vessels for a short time. Alejandra Jones was the first Ghost Rider to use this ability to its full effect.

Supernatural Healing Factor

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Immortality and agelessness are the two of the most basic abilities any host to the Spirit of Vengeance is granted access to. The foundation of those powers lay in the Ghost Rider’s insane healing factor. There is literally nothing the Ghost Rider cannot heal itself from. His demonic powers allow him to regenerate severed limbs in seconds. Even if somebody destroys his skull, the Rider can grow one instantly in no time. The Ghost Rider’s healing factor is the reason why he is such a frustrating opponent to deal with. There is no counter to this ability. Once the Ghost Rider sets his eyes on you, nothing can stop him since his powers will never let him die.


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Step aside Naruto! Marvel’s ghost Rider can also make supernatural clones made up of pure Hellfire. In a story arc featuring Daniel Kiech as the Ghost Rider, the Rider created multiple Ghost Rider clones to deal with a supernatural villain who had taken over hell. The clones were strong and durable and they gave the bad guys a run for their money. The Ghost Rider is one too many already. Having a bunch of those riding around is pure chaos.

Superhuman Sense Of Smell

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Wolverine‘s sense of smell makes him Marvel Universe’s greatest mutant tracker. The Ghost Rider’s sense of smell takes it up a notch. The Rider does not smell odors. Instead, it allows the host to literally smell sin and evil. Not only that, but the Ghost Rider can also eat sin. There was an instance where Alejandra Jones ate the sins of all the people of Nicaragua. Without any sin in their body, the people became walking zombies. Sins and Vices are a part of the human psyche. They help us differentiate between right and wrong. Without any sin, humans no longer remain humans since they would no longer feel emotions.

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