The X-Men are finally heading home. Two of the most famous mutant superheroes already are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with Scarlet Witch ending up as an Avenger. Since the Mutant Superhero team is heading back, Scarlet Witch’s origin story is most likely going to be ret-conned. At the 2019 San-Diego Comic Con, Kevin Feige claimed that Marvel Studios had already decided how to assimilate the X-Men into the MCU. Marvel spares no expense to keep the continuity of its precious shared universe afloat. So the changes that need to happen for incorporating the X-Men will have serious ramifications. The aftermath of these changes would have earth-shattering consequences for a major MCU superhero.

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The hero we are talking about is arguably the strongest Avenger to ever exist in the MCU. Any guesses how Captain Marvel might be in our radar? You can keep on guessing. In the meantime, let us tell you a story Marvel Studios is doing their best to hide.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Had Always Been ‘Latent’ Mutants

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In 2018, Marvel Studios published its Visual Dictionary detailing the source of Wanda’s and Pietro’s powers. It states that Loki’s Scepter did not grant the sibling duo special powers, It merely “unlocked” them. To be precise, the Mind Stone just unlocked their hidden potential. Their powers were already in them. The Mind Stone only gave them a little push.

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This would bode well with the X-Gene that gives all mutants their powers upon activation in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The Wakanda Files is a collection of in-universe records for facts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe written by Shuri. It says Hydra chose the population of Sokovia as their test population for experimenting with the Mind Stone for a reason. The Sokovians had special genetic traits and anomalies not found anywhere else on the planet. The records written by Shuri even mention that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch already had a mutated biology before they were exposed to the Mind Stone’s energies. All of this was literally a plot backdoor writtent into the MCU should the X-Men ever managed to enter the fray.

How Did Hydra Know About the X-Gene?

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There are an umpteen number of ways Hydra could have found out about the special genetic markers that constitute the X-Gene. Remember Hydra had access to huge resources when Nazi Germany was raging all across Europe (guess where Sokovia is located). Red Skull also had access to an “Earthly version of the Book of Yggdrasil”. The Asgardian scripture held many secrets including the ones about Infinity Stones. That is how the Red Skull knew so much about the Soul Stone. And that is how Baron Von Strucker gained critical knowledge on the Mind Stone.

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Hydra also had access to SHIELD’s global resources prior to the events of The Winter Soldier. All of the combined knowledge and resources would have been enough for them to stay a step ahead, with knowledge of things the Avengers could not even dream of. But they only started human experimentation with the Mind Stone after a specific superhero emerged in the Nineties.

The Mystery Marvel Superhero That Started It all

It’s Captain Marvel!! If the MCU is going ahead in the same direction we believe they are, Brie Larson’s entire origin story is up for some major overhaul. And here’s how.

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Captain Marvel was the first human being who was exposed to the energies of an Infinity Stone. The Kree believed that Carol Danvers had absorbed the raw energy of the Space Stone. Over the years, Carol is yet to show any signs of depleting her energy reserves. This would mean that the Infinity Stone energy she was exposed changed her at a cellular level. Something inside her was unlocked. She could quite possibly be the first ever mutant whose latent X-Gene marker was unlocked by the Tesseract energy. With Nick Fury’s reports and classified SHIELD Files along with a drop of a sliver of her DNA (blood, hair, spit, etc.,), Hydra would have studied the X-Gene in depth and uncovered the existence of a mutant population hiding in plain sight in the MCU.

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