Antonio Brown seems to have no boundaries, especially regarding social media. But this time, the bar keeps getting lowered by the player. A poorly photoshopped nude picture of Gisele Bündchen posted by Antonio Brown on social media again has him crossing the line in his feud with Tom Brady.

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady
Antonio Brown and Tom Brady

As of now, it is unclear whether the ex-NFL receiver is trying to get a shot at the supermodel or whether he wants to score a win against Tom Brady. We only know that Tom Brady, whose ex-wife is the topic of Antonio Brown’s recent jokes, won’t take these actions lightly. It is also Antonio Brown’s jokes targeting Tom Brady, and this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.

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Is Antonio Brown Out For Revenge Over A Online Feud With Tom Brady?

On Monday, according to TMZ, the troubled ex-NFL receiver Antonio Brown, 34, allegedly shared the image to his Snapchat account, showing Gisele Bündchen‘s face over another woman’s naked body. There is no caption, so no explanation can be found for Brown’s decision to take another swing at Brady’s ex-wife. A screenshot of AB’s post was quickly circulated on Twitter after the slide was deleted.

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown

The image is photoshopped since the supermodel appears topless and uncensored, and the picture is an animation he found online. Although the photo is not actual, Antonio Brown provokes Tom Brady and his ex-wife. There has yet to be a response from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

It’s yet another example of Brown scorching the Brady bridge; despite TB12’s continued support throughout his off-field difficulties, AB has turned his back on his former teammate.

Brown uploaded an intimate video about eleven days ago where he appears to have s*x with a woman whose identity was not revealed immediately. Later, it was reportedly told that the model from that first video was Cydney Moreau, who was once dating Brown and looked mysteriously like Gisele Bündchen. People were stirred up by Brown’s Snapchat post this week.

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The Fans Are Resentful Of Antonio Brown

It’s not the first time Antonio Brown has launched bizarre social media attacks against Tom Brady and his now-ex-wife. The behavior of Brown is becoming increasingly erratic, and someone should keep monitoring him. By continuing to do this, he will undoubtedly get into legal trouble that could cost him millions of dollars. Brady and Bündchen can sue him easily for defamation and indecent exposure of their personal lives. Unfortunately, Brown was unable to erase the image quickly enough.

Antonio Brown and Gisele Bündchen
Antonio Brown and Gisele Bündchen

Likewise, fans were surprised by this action and didn’t expect Brown to lower the level of this action. Twitter users have already started backlashing against him over this malicious attempt.


The 34-year-old Brown shared a photo with Bündchen on Instagram of the pair celebrating after the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in February 2021. Additionally, Brown posted an older image of Bündchen with Brady’s arms around her but with Brown’s head Photoshopped over Brady’s. Last week, AB shared a text conversation from 2021 that Brown tried to expose Brady through. During this conversation, Brady described Brown as “a young, immature man who behaves selfishly, self-serving, irrationally, and irresponsibly.”

The quarterback has yet to address Brown’s off-field behavior, so it’s unclear if they had a falling out.

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Source: TMZ

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