It was way back in 2015 that Legendary announced its plans for a shared universe between the two monsters: Godzilla vs. Kong; but it wasn’t until 2018 that the production actually began.

Godzilla vs King Kong

Directed by Adam Wingard, this next installment in the MonsterVerse will see the King of Monsters and the King of the Skull Island in an epic showdown. The initial release date of the movie like most other, has been postponed to May 2021. But the anticipation of seeing these two fearsome monsters battle it out hasn’t lessened in any way.

With the two Titans pitted against each other, the question on everyone’s mind is “Who will win?”

It is safe to say Kong would be entering the fight as the underdog. But it would be wise to remember the first meeting between Godzilla and Kong back in 1962, where even after facing considerable damage, Toho had declared Kong to be the winner because of his electrical powers. Unfortunately for the King of the Skull Island, he won’t have that same elbow room in the MonsterVerse.

Monster Kong

Theories have been ranging high and low from the fans trying to figure out what the endgame to this fight will be. One of the most prominent theories being about the history of the Hollow Earth and the Skull Island.

Many have been speculating that Skull Island might be the home of the Titans. And Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, will be battling it out with the King of the island to take back what is rightfully his.

Having been woken up by King Ghidorah’s call for its brethren in King of the Monsters, the Titans may have chosen to come back to their once home. The issue regarding this is Kong – the only remaining Titan living on the island – may not be as welcoming to these guests. Rather than seeing them as past occupants, Kong could very well see them as rival alphas entering his territory who need to be handled with force.

Godzilla, King of Monsters

Pictures of these two monsters fighting had been etched on caves, as seen in the King of the Monsters credits. It is possible that in its existence through several millennia, Godzilla has encountered monsters from the same bloodline as Kong’s. But it still doesn’t answer when and why the fight actually occurred.

And this brings us back to the most important question: Who will come out on top?

War Between Godzilla and Kong

Kong is still young when compared to the King Monster, and considerably smaller in size in theory. It would be exciting to discern how the movie presents these two monsters as they fight for dominance.

Godzilla however has a key weapon that can be used against Kong, and eventually defeat him – his atomic breath.

Radioactive Godzilla

It would be wise for the Big Ape to remember that the Monster King is a formidable opponent and can cause severe damage. Back in 1962, Godzilla had set fire to the whole forest during their fight and burned the God of the Skull island considerably.

In long range, Godzilla can blast Kong with his atomic breath and push him further away; and in close combat, Kong is again at a disadvantage because of the raw power of the Titanus Gojira.

There have also been rumors that it will be Mechagodzilla who will serve as the main antagonist of the movie (along with human’s evil intentions), and the titular rivals will have to set aside their differences to defeat this extraterrestrial being.

Skull Island

On the off chance that nature and domain are the real reasons for their conflict, getting them to set aside their disparities for a collaboration might prove to be difficult.

A leak from the Godzilla vs. Kong toy-line shows Kong carrying a large axe in his hand, which may prove to be an effective munition, but whether it will be enough to dethrone the King of Monsters is a matter all on it’s own.

It would be interesting to see how Wingard plays to the strength of the lore regarding these monsters and the mythology surrounding the existence of the Titans and showcase it in the movie. And whether the champion is the Eighth Wonder of the World or the God of Destruction, audience all over the world are eagerly awaiting this battle of the century.

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