The Golden Globe Awards 2024 is one of the most awaited events in Hollywood not only for celebrities but also for their fans. What makes the award show even more engaging and fun to watch is undeniably the host, however, this time it looked like Jo Koy’s jokes fell flat.

Jo Koy
Jo Koy (Image via Instagram)

American actor and comedian Jo Koy hosted the recent Golden Globe Awards event which is earning him enough backlash from fans and netizens. Koy must have expected everyone to be optimistic about his morgues. Still, it was received by a completely silent and embarrassed audience, including legendary star Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and guess what? even Selena Gomez!

Golden Globe Awards 2024 Host Jo Koy Meets Backlash After His “Distasteful” Jokes

The Golden Globe Awards 2024 was indisputably an event filled with surprises and a turn of events, considering the nominees for every awards category, it was indeed a tough rivalry. However, as they say only the best win, it seemed like the worst get slammed. Similarly, the event’s host Jo Koy has recently found himself in hot water after his jokes were received by a mostly embarrassed or unresponsive audience.

Harrison Ford, Jo Koy and Helen Mirren
Harrison Ford, Jo Koy, and Helen Mirren

Jokes at events generally garb most of the attention for being extremely hilarious. But this time, it was the stoic audience including acclaimed actor Harrison Ford who was captured rolling his eyes when co-star Helen Mirren was covering her face with her hands. The videos of celebrities feeling awkward and silent have gained immense attention on social media platforms. Fans and netizens took no time to express their thoughts on Koy’s performance:

The comedian even joked at the pop sensation Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend Travis Kelce. Despite the flat joke, Swift didn’t seem to be expressing offense and was in fact, captured sipping her drink.

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However, according to THR, Koy explained that his joke was toward the NFL and had nothing to do with Taylor Swift. Other celebrities including Oscar winner Emma Stone, Florence Pugh, and Emily Blunt were captured unbothered by what’s happening on the stage.

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Jo Koy’s Response After His Jokes Were Ignored at The Golden Globe Awards

Jo Koy
Jo Koy (image via Instagram)

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The actor and comedian has shared his thoughts after witnessing the reception of his monologues during the opening of the Golden Globe Awards 2024. After Koy noticed the reactions, he said:

“I got the gig 10 days ago! You want a perfect monologue? Some I wrote, some other people wrote. I wrote some of these, and those are the ones you’re laughing at.”

The host then explained that it was a tough job to host such an incredible event, and added (via THR):

“I’d be lying if it doesn’t hurt. I hit a little moment there [during the monologue] where I was just like, ‘Ah.’ Hosting is a tough gig. Yes, I am a stand-up comic, but that hosting position is a different style. It’s not the same style.”

Despite the negative comments and criticism, Koy expressed satisfaction with his performance and shared being grateful to have hosted the Golden Globe Awards 2024.

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