Today, the Pan European Game Information scoreboard has rated Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2 for PS3 instead of PS4 or PS5. Well, the implications of the leak have left many PlayStation players very much confused. What does it imply? Do read to find out!

Big news regarding PlayStation!

Grand Theft Auto 2 - Free PC Game DownloadGTA Auto 2 game-play in PS1!

As the Pan European Game Information has rated the GTA games as per their PS3 performances, gamers are confused and left stranded in the situation. Now, PS4 does not support PS1 games but, PS3 does. The fact which makes this whole segment confusing is that PS4 does support PS3 games! Therefore, this would lead to the addition of PS1 games to the PlayStation.

Speculations about PS5

Unveiling New Details of PlayStation 5: Hardware Technical Specs ...PS5 has been the center-point of many rumors!

Other risks include the backward compatibility of PS5. Now, PS5 plays the PS4 supported games. However, there is no conformity about PS5 supporting PS3, PS2, and PS1 games! Therefore, the big question is, will PS5 play PS3 games? Or will PS1 classics be available on PS3? No doubt, the Pan European Game Information leak has left us confused!

The Hazy Situation

Rockstar - Ongoing recruitment for a next-generation open-world ...Rockstar Videos have not commented on the issue.

Presently, people are unaware of the games, which will be supported by PS5. During an interview, neither Rockstar Video games nor Sony Interactive Leisure has commented on the leak. However, with the release date approaching quickly, everyone will be clear about the situation. With changing times, the Sony PlayStation is extending its library frequently and repeatedly. But it seems quite unclear whether the expansion of the library has anything to do with PS5.

Time for some nostalgia! Have a look at the following trailer of GTA 5 for PS4:

Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Launch Trailer | PS4

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