At his Los Angeles Love On tour, Harry Styles might have silently and secretly boycotted Adidas for its ties with Kanye West. The shoe brand has only recently terminated its contract with West. Although Kanye West is embroiled in anti-Semitic controversy, Adidas did not directly withdraw its contract. This led many to calling out the brand.

And fans of Harry Styles speculated that Styles might have silently done his part in calling out Adidas. During the LA tour recently, Styles was spotted wearing red Vans shoes instead of his usual Adidas X Gazelle shoes. Many fans praised the singer and his stylist on Twitter.

Harry Styles Silently Boycotted Adidas While On Tour

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

During one of Harry Styles’ recent Love On tour events in Los Angeles, a fan noticed the singer was donning a pair of red Vans instead of his usual Adidas x Gazelle shoes. And since then many fans have made speculations that Styles might have silently boycotted Adidas.

The shoe brand had ties with Kanye West, who is in hot waters these days due to his anti-Semitic comment. Adidas has only recently cut ties with the rapper publicly.

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And According to Stylers (the fandom name for Harry Style fans), the Watermelon Sugar singer had already boycotted Adidas in silence before the public termination of the contract between West and Adidas. This gesture by Harry Styles and his stylist Harry Lambert was praised by fans via tweets online. One fan tweeted,

  “Harry Styles wearing Adidas every show of tour until they hesitate to drop Kanye and he instantly breaks out vans….. I see u,”

The fan also tagged both Styles and his stylist, Lambert, in the post. Some fans tweeted that they were also boycotting Adidas and switching to Vans exactly like the Adore You singer. A Jewish fan praised Harry Styles by tweeting, “We see your decision, and it means so much to me and all your other Jewish fans, and those who stand with us against antisemitism in all its forms.”  

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Harry Styles was not the only artist to publicly criticize Kanye West. After him, many celebrities called out Adidas for having ties with the rapper even after his controversial anti-Semitic comment.

The As It Was singer is currently on his Love On tour.

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What is Kanye West’s controversy all about?

Kanye West
Kanye West

The Heartless Rapper is amid lots of controversies since he started making disturbing and insensitive remarks and tweets. The most controversial out of all is the Anti-Semitic comment he made. West tweeted vowing that he would go “death Con 3” on Jewish people.

Following that the rapper was slammed online by the Jewish people and was blocked from Twitter. West later bashed the Jewish Media for silencing him. Many public figures have since called out Kanye West and many brands have withdrawn their ties with the rapper. West was also blocked from Instagram after he threw some racial slurs against The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. The host mentioned Kanye West’s treatment of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Another backlash for the rapper came when he donned a T-shirt with the ‘White Lives Matter’ slogan. This happened during the recent Paris Fashion Week which the rapper attended for the 9th season of the Yeezy showcase.

Adidas finally terminated its contract with Kanye West on October 25, after a lot of celebrities and the public started calling out the shoe brand. The brand gave a statement saying,

“Adidas does not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech,” the brand said in a statement. “Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful and dangerous, and they violate the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness.”

As for Kanye West, the rapper has shared that he does not feel he will get canceled saying, “We here, baby, we ain’t going nowhere.” The rapper also said that the day he lost the deal with Balenciaga was one of his most ‘Freeing’ days. And according to him even after losing numerous brand deals, he is not losing any money.

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