Paris Hilton is one of the most influential celebrities in Hollywood who rose to global fame with a leaked 2003 NSFW tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon. While she is now living a great life, she went through some of the darkest times at a young age which she candidly talked about in her recently released memoir, Paris: The Memoir

Paris Hilton
American socialite, Paris Hilton

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In her latest released memoir, the business personality shared her past experience involving her teacher. The instructor who was quite older than her was grooming the then-young child. That dark time eventually affected her to the core which she processed after decades.

Paris Hilton Had a Difficult Time During Her Early Teens Due to Her Eighth Grade Teacher

Paris Hilton
The TV reality star, Paris Hilton

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In Paris: The Memoir which was released on Tuesday, socialite Paris Hilton addressed several bombshell incidents which affected her in various ways. She tackled one such incident when she was in her early teens. Her eighth-grade teacher whom she recalled as a “handsome young” instructor was nicknamed “Mr. Abercrombie” who told her that she was her “crush.”

She further wrote about how their secret conversation used to happen late at night as he had given her his number which he asked her to keep a secret.

“Mr. Abercrombie called me almost every night, and we talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood and special.” 

She opened up about being groomed by him as he once paid a secret visit to her house when her parents, Kathy Hilton and Rick Hilton were away. She recalled, “Teacher pulled me into his arms and kissed me” adding that her parents eventually caught the duo in his car when they returned home.

Paris Hilton Confronted The Inappropriate Relationship After Decades

Model-Socialite Paris Hilton
Model-Socialite Paris Hilton

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The model was quite shocked by the inappropriate relationship she witnessed at such a young age. However, she recalled that her teacher blamed her for the whole scenario. After the unpleasant event happened, she moved in with her grandmother in France and wrote about how much time it took to for her to eventually process what exactly had happened back then.

“It took decades for me to actually speak the word p**ophile.”

She continued,

“Casting him in the role of child molester meant casting myself in the role of victim, and I just couldn’t go there.”

This is just one of the few worst experiences she faced in her life. However, she chose to confront all in her all-tell memoir. After facing quite a difficult teenage time, she has been enjoying her life since marrying Carter Reum. The couple just recently welcomed their first child named Phoenix, via surrogate.

Paris: The Memoir is available in bookstores. 

Source: PageSix

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