Among the long-in-development films is the He-Man live adaptation. The upcoming film was announced in 2019 and surprisingly had no director until now.


The latest update regarding Masters of the Universe suggests that Mattel is eying Travis Knight for the director’s chair. While the deal remains unclosed as negotiations are being made, there are other significant elements left to be finalized for the project. Apart from confirming the director, the scripts will also be rewritten by Chris Butler.

The He-Man Live Adaptation Might See Travis Knight as The Film’s Director

While many have been waiting for Mattel’s upcoming Masters of the Universe movie, featuring the 8o’s toy He-Man, the director’s chair is still empty. However, according to Deadline, Travis Knight is being considered as the director as negotiations are still going on. The deal hasn’t been locked and after the final negotiation with Amazon MGM, Knight, who’s best known for the success of Bumblebee, will likely secure the position.

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Travis Knight might secure the director’s chair for upcoming He-Man film

Apart from crafting Bumblebee, Knight holds incredible experience in working for both: animation and live-action. His creative mind would undeniably craft the story of He-Man in the best way possible. Exact details of the film’s narrative haven’t been shared, but He-Man is set to lead the film, as the story features orphan Adam who comes to discover he’s a prince destined to save a faraway land from the threat of the evil wizard Skeletor.

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Soon after Adam discovers his abilities to fight against the foes, the titular character will then head to discover the mysteries of his past to transform into He-Man. Similar to other other Universes, MOTU is also considered one of the most successful toy franchises created by Mattel. And if Travis Knight helms the film, he’ll make sure to craft a super engaging live-action adaptation.

Fans Excited For Travis Knight’s Potential Involvement in Masters of the Universe Film

Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen set to play He-Man

Soon after the news of Travis Knight’s potential involvement in He-Man’s live-action came out, fans were quick to share their excitement for the director. The outlet also revealed that while negotiations are being done to secure the director, the scripts for the upcoming movie will be rewritten. However, it will likely keep the narrative of He-Man aligning with the original story.

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The film was earlier helmed by Netflix, but due to budgetary reasons, the streamer abandoned the project, leading Amazon to finally secure it. American actor Kyle Allen known for his work in West Side Story, The Path, and other projects is claimed to be playing Adam.

There was a live-action film featuring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and other acclaimed actors in different roles, but unfortunately, the 1987 film resulted in box-office disappointment. The film also received backlash over its tone and departing from the source material, earning the actor mixed reviews for his portrayal of the hero.

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