Chris Rock is a very well-known comedian who also performs in movies and directs films. He gained recognition after his performance on Saturday Night Live. Due to the Will Smith incident at the Oscars, he has received a lot of media attention lately. But there is a new story about him right now. He attended the Burning Man Festival before becoming stranded in the midst of the desert. He was quite terrified for his life.

Chris Rock
Chris Rock

Chris Rock experienced quite an adventure at the Burning Man Festival

At the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, Diplo, the musician, and Chris Rock, the funny comedian had quite the trip. Around 70,000 festivalgoers were left stranded without enough food and water this year due to the severe rainstorm. Chris Rock and Diplo had to walk more than six miles on foot to find a way out. Rock and Diplo were fortunate. A helpful festivalgoer offered to take them home in the back of a pickup truck. Chris Rock could only think of obtaining a nice cold brew after walking six muddy kilometers. He can even be heard stating, “If I could get a cold brew right now,” in a video posted on Diplo’s Instagram account named Diplo. It seems like the desert adventure left quite an impression on him!



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Diplo even posted a video to Instagram in which he explained how he had to hitchhike to Washington, DC, for his concert in order to please his fans. He also thanked the owner of the pickup truck, who had no idea that he would be helping two famous people that day.

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Diplo and Chris Rock
Diplo and Chris Rock

Later, Diplo said to CNN that Chris Rock was scared that, “He thought there was going to be cannibalism.” It’s pretty wild to think that even famous comedians like Chris Rock can have some real-life scary moments. But in the end, with the help of that kind of fan and a little bit of adventure, they were able to escape unharmed.

What is the Burning Man Festival?

Burning Man is an enormous annual event that lasts for a full week. It’s unique because, on a second-to-last night, they built this enormous structure called “The Man” and then set it on fire. The fact that this festival is focused entirely on art, cutting-edge technology, and live performances makes it more cooler. The purpose of the individuals responsible for organizing this festival is to see to it that it continues to take place and to look after the community that forms as a result. They support giving people access to their creative side, giving them a sense of belonging to a group and educating them about their surroundings, particularly the natural environment.

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Burning Man Festival
Burning Man Festival

They believe that attending Burning Man may improve the planet. The most crucial aspect is that they want everyone to feel accepted. Regardless of who they are. Living in the moment, forming strong bonds with others, watching out for one another is also another reason. Ensuring that Burning Man can continue by funding itself is considered to be the most crucial aspect of their culture.

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Source: CNN

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