There is no doubt that Gerard Piqué’s relationship with Clara Chia Marti is going from strength to strength. Their happiness is consolidated with their short time together, and they avoid the noise caused by the reports about the separation from Shakira. Despite already having two children with Shakira, Barcelona’s defender Gerard Piqué is reportedly considering having a third child with Clara Chia Marti. However, the player is more in love and happier than ever with his young partner and wants stability with her. Furthermore, Gerard Piqué wants to ensure his relationship with Clara Chia Marti will be in a safe space.

Gerard Pique
Gerard Piqué

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Gerard Piqué Wants Stability With Clara Chia Marti

Even though Gerard Piqué has been photographed with Clara Chia Marti, he has yet to make any public statements regarding her. However, he isn’t keeping it a secret from his closest circle of friends. Jordi Martin, a journalist, and paparazzi told Socialité

“He is super in love with Clara, he has told his circle that he wants stability with her, he looks more in love and happier than ever.”

Jordi Martin clarified that Piqué wants to have another child, this time with his new love Clara Chia Marti, rather than planning his wedding with her.

Piqué might be able to fulfill his dream of having three children as he already has two children with Shakira, and now he wants to have a child with Clara Chia Marti.

Gerard Piqué Always Dreamed Of Having Three Children

Gerard Pique
Gerard Piqué

Reportedly journalist Jordi Martin told the Telecinco program Socialité that Barcelona’s star Gerard Piqué always wanted to have three kids, but Shakira wanted only two children. For years, the former couple disagreed on this issue.

The show claimed that “It’s something that is going to bother her because Shakira and Pique had talked a lot. It was one thing that the two did not agree on.”

In a 2016 interview, Piqué expressed his desire to become a father of three children when he said, “I’ve always wanted to have three. So if there is a third, I would welcome it.”

Apart from that, In 2014, Shakira stated that she did not wish to have another child as she said, “Gerard is convinced that he wants to have three, but I want two, so we are negotiating.”

Following Piqué’s separation from Shakira, he can have a third child with his girlfriend, Marti. According to the journalist Jordi Martin, it could happen soon, as Piqué told his closest friend circle about it.

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What’s New With Shakira And Gerard Piqué

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira

In June, after dating each other for over a decade, Shakira And Gerard Piqué announced their separation. As a result, they are engaged in a legal custody battle over Milan and Sasha, along with their shared belongings. There was significant media attention surrounding their split, which began with the footballer allegedly cheating on Shakira.

According to the source, the Colombian singer in her song Monotonía takes a direct hit at Piqué because she referred to him in the lyrics of her song.

Additionally, there is a rumor that Gerard Piqué might be forced to wear the name of his ex Shakira on his shirt in a situation that could be awkward at Nou Camp. Reportedly, Shakira may be the next to benefit from the Catalan club’s sponsorship with Spotify in Sunday’s El Clasico.

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