Shakira is going through the “darkest” phase of her life since her former lover Gerard Pique continues to make headlines, all for the wrong reasons. After being in a relationship of more than a decade, the couple called it quits in June this year making many fans shocked. However, fans were even more stunned when the Barcelona defender went official with his new girlfriend just two months after their split.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Shakira and Gerard Pique

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The former couple is now involved in the custody battle of their two children, Milan and Sasha, along with the settlement of all the possessions they own together. While the singer is trying her best to keep her composure in these difficult situations, Pique is apparently planning to have a third child with his new girlfriend.

Gerard Pique’s New Girlfriend Clara Chia Marti

Shakira former boyfriend Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti
Gerard Pique along with his new beau Clara Chia Marti

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Shakira’s former partner, Gerard Pique, even before their breakup was in the headlines for being unfaithful in their relationship. After the couple split up, the footballer was photographed publicly with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti for the first time at a Dani Martin concert, just 2 months after the split.

Paparazzi Jordi Martin claimed that the 35-year-old Barcelona defender was dating his new girlfriend for about a year stating, “He hasn’t been with Clara Chía since December: he’s been there for many, many months, about a year.”

For the unversed, Marti is a PR student who works for Pique’s company Kosmos. The couple allegedly met each other while working together on events.

Gerard Pique Reportedly Planning For a Baby With His New Girlfriend

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti
Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti

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The 35-year-old has developed a strong affection for his new girlfriend, Marti, and reportedly wants to strengthen their new bond.

As per the paparazzi, Jordi Martin told Socialite, the couple is planning for a baby. “He has told his environment at Kosmos that he would like to be a father again and it suits me that it is in 2023.

Having shared his desire to be a father again, Pique wants to see stability with his new beau. “He would always have wanted to have three children and he has told his people that he does see himself as having that stability with Clara.”

Pique had already discussed having a third child with the Colombian singer when they were together, however, the singer had different thoughts regarding the same.

Shakira and Pique Have Different Plans for Their Children

Shakira and Gerard Pique with their Kids
Shakira and Gerard Pique with their Kids

Both celebrities had different plans regarding themselves, especially their children. While Shakira was happy with her two children and is doing her best to conceal the unnecessary information about the couple’s split, Pique is planning a new baby with his lover.

The singer had already expressed her thoughts on moving to Miami with her children after the custody lawsuit, while the footballer wants their kids to stay in Spain. Due to their different plans for their children, their custody battle is getting more complex.

Apart from the custody case, the singer is going through a tax evasion case in her former lover’s native. This is one of the reasons she wants to leave the place and start fresh in Miami where her family and friends reside.

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