Celebrities often find themselves on the center stage when news about them losing out on one of the hit roles comes out. Step Up star Channing Tatum missed out on playing Jake Sully, one of the titular roles in James Cameron’s hit movie Avatar.

Actor Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum

The Lost City star missed out on a great opportunity to get cast in one of James Cameron’s blockbuster movies. Channing Tatum almost landed the role of Jake Sully but fate had something else in mind and this role was passed on to another actor.

Channing Tatum Almost Got Cast in Avatar

Avatar Movie

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It wasn’t just A-lister Chris Evans but also Dwayne Johnson‘s G.I. Joe Co-Star Channing Tatum who missed out on an opportunity to get cast as the main character in James Cameron‘s movie. One of the most notable Cameron’s movies, Avatar almost cast Tatum as Jake Sully. The director revealed that he did like Evans’ and Tatum’s appeal but in the end, Sam Worthington came out on top. Cameron claimed in the Empire Podcast that:

“I really liked Channing’s appeal. I liked Chris’ appeal. They were both great guys. But Sam had a quality of voice and a quality of intensity”.

As explained by the director, the final war speech given by Worthington was the one that helped Cameron decide whom should he cast, and with that speech, Worthington was declared as the actor to play Jake Sully, one of the focus characters in Avatar. Sam Worthington struck gold as he won’t be there in just two or three sequels but all of the Avatar upcoming sequels. Even though Tatum couldn’t make it to the role, it is quite stimulating to analyze how Avatar would have tuned up if Channing Tatum had joined the Avatar program on the planet Pandora as Jake Sully.

Channing Tatum Turned Down Dwayne Johnson’s Movie Seven Times

G.I. Joe Movie
Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum proved to be a dynamic duo in the 2013 sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Johnson and Tatum both played the key roles of Roadblock and Captain Duke Hauser as the team members of the G.I. Joe team who faced global threats and challenges in the movie. But the story wasn’t that appealing when Tatum knew it for the first time and even rejected the role seven times. The Step Up star in an interview with Vanity Fair where he was doing a lie-detecting test said:

“The first one I passed on seven times, but they had an option on me and I had to do the movie.”

The actor and dancer revealed that he had to do the movie because he was under a deal with the studio. Tatum then slayed the role with co-star Johnson and both were highly recognized for the action-packed scenes they did and viewers found it captivating to see two talented actors sharing the screen. Even though Duke Hauser was killed off in the first ten minutes of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the film did reveal his fate in the movie.

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Source: Empire Podcast and Vanity Fair 




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