When spin-offs of acclaimed TV series are made, numerous queries evolve with concerns. From the world of The Boys came Gen V which is all set to release this September. The Boys is a hit TV series that includes superheroes, but unlike the typical ones we see in popular stories.

Actress Lizze Broadway
Lizze Broadway

Lizze Broadway is playing the character Emma Meyers in the upcoming TV series Gen V. The actress got curious about how to deal with fake blood in the series and asked Jack Quaid’s advice. Jack Quaid was often seen in The Boys covered with blood and this is the reason why Lizze Broadway wanted his advice.

Lizze Broadway Seeks Bloody Advice from The Boys Star Jack Quaid

Jack Quaid
Jack Quaid in The Boys

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Fans will witness Lizze Broadway in the upcoming spin-off of The Boys. Broadway will play one of the important characters in Gen V and she found herself hounded by a question that was answered by Jack Quaid. In The Boys, Quaid plays the main character Hughie Campbell, a timid personality who works at an electronic shop. In Gen V, Emma Meyers uses a superpower to shrink and evolve into a small bug that can enter through the ears, and this scene implies a lot of fake blood. Broadway told EW:

“I was like, ‘How do you get the blood off?’ He’s like, ‘Shaving cream and Dawn soap will be your best friend”.

Lizze Broadway asked Quaid to advise her on how to remove the blood and The Boys star told her to use shaving cream and dawn soap. Quaid had experience in removing blood as most of his violent scenes included it. Gen V will showcase Godolkin University a college for young superpowered personalities who dream of joining top superhero teams. The TV series will focus on Emma Meyers and her roommate who will take a trip to the dark mystery of the college. The spin-off and The Boys are said to be connected which will be disclosed after the release.

The Boys‘ Storyline and Success Led To The Creation of Gen V

The Boys TV Series
The Boys

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The Boys not only included super thrilling and action-packed scenes but the storyline of depicting the superheroes differently was one of the major reasons for the series’ success. The superheroes in The Boys are unlike the typical and stereotypical heroes. They often find themselves in bad situations and indulge in immoral things. The dark humor and social commentary paved the way for The Boys even though it did not receive numerous accolades.

Fans often praised the TV series for its graphic and violent scenes which included Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell, Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Antony Starr as Homelander, and many more talented actors. And in the spin-off superhero enthusiasts will witness the next generation becoming one of the most formidable superheroes but not all will start corrupt. Gen V superheroes will encounter explosive and challenging situations where the young minds will uncover the dark and sinister mystery going on in their college.

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Gen V will premiere its first three episodes on Sept. 29 on Prime Video

Source: EW


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