Celebrities are pretty famous for keeping unique pets and having stories behind them. One such is Jason Momoa our Aquaman. The actor once opened up about his pets and how he found them—in a startling incident at the Fast X star’s house that almost made their blood run cold.

Actor Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

The Dune star is a pet lover, and he has not one but more than two pets living with Jason Momoa and his family. The actor once revealed on a show, an incident in which Jason Momoa carelessly put his wife and daughter in danger as he couldn’t find a snake.

Jason Momoa Once Unintentionally Put His Wife and Daughter in Danger

Jason Momoa with his wife
Jason Momoa with his wife Lisa Bonet

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Everybody knows the acclaimed actor Jason Momoa, for captivating his fans with their favorite character Aquaman. But little did his fans know about the actor’s pet. They are worth knowing! Momoa recently did an Interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The TheEllenShow where he was asked about his pets and then Momoa revealed that his house is not only a menagerie for wolves and dogs but for a snake as well. The Ball Python went missing for six months which almost put Momoa’s wife and daughter in jeopardy. Jason Momoa on the TheEllenShow said:

“And on Christmas Eve six months, later the dogs are going off. I come upstairs naked. and I am trying to scare Whatever’s outside. And all of a sudden, I hear something rattle inside, and the dogs growling. and I turn around, and there is just something on the floor. and there was a balloon that had went down from my kid’s birthday. and the snake had come out, it was in the house for 6 months”.

Momoa disclosed that their Python snake went missing for six months and they thought it was gone or eaten up outside. But after the Sweet Girl actor’ kid’s birthday, the snake was found on Momoa’s daughter’s balloon as it came down rattling. This incident was claimed as a funny story by Momoa on the show and it could have proved to be scary as well.

Jason Momoa Set To Dive Back into Aquaman

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

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Aquaman enthusiasts have been jumping out of their skins as Jason Momoa is all set to thrill fans by returning to Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. The trailer of this much-anticipated movie was out on Thursday which follows the story of the half-human and half-Atlantean hero, who’s a husband and a father now. Another noteworthy detail is that the Black Manta is more formidable than before as he wields the power of the Black Trident, an ancient and evil force. Black Manta will harbor ill will against everything that’s adored by Aquaman.

The trailer also gave a glimpse of Amber Herd‘s Mera who plays the love interest of the hero. Herd’s character was seen at the end of the trailer for a few seconds. This will be Amber Herd’s first venture since her 2022 legal battle or defamation trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, which Herd lost. This Aquaman sequel will focus on Aquaman and his half-brother Orm played by Patrick Wilson, as confirmed by the filmmaker James Wan to Entertainment Weekly, that the next part won’t emphasize Aquaman and Mera’s love but will showcase the half-Atlantean hero and his half-brother teaming up.

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