Being one of the judges in both Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) and its American counterpart, Simon Cowell should have seen it coming. In one of the episodes of BGT, he was asked to choose between the panel of judges from both shows. His response mentioning Heidi Klum got dramatic reactions from the fellow judges beside him. Especially David Williams, whose reaction was a bit on the meaner side. Although it was all for show business and meant to be taken lightly, it was definitely surprising. On one of the recent episodes of America’s Got Talent, Cowell’s comment was shut down by Klum. The former is well known for his way of judging harshly.

David Williams Calls Heidi Klum Dumb

Britain's Got Talent Judges
Britain’s Got Talent Judges

In one of the episodes of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell had been got asked to choose between the American judges and the British ones. His reply visibly took the British panel of judges beside him by surprise. As he chose the American ones, saying they were more intelligent in comparison. Cowell responded by saying, “Well to be fair, they are more intelligent…in America”.

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Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

This seemingly turned the heads of the other judges with questioning expressions. The X-Factor creator did mention that he meant it all “respectfully” and not in a sarcastic way. But the English judges beside him were clearly in doubt. As they started going off on him, he added further by mentioning Heidi Klum. She is one of the judges from the American counterpart of the show along with Cowell. He said, “What? Heidi Klum?”. To this, the others reacted hysterically with David Williams adding, “Heidi Klum? She is thick as pig-s**t”. This was obviously meant as a joke as they are all a part of show business. However, it cannot be denied that he did said that out loud on TV.

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Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum’s Recent Interaction

Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell
Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell

In the ongoing America’s Got Talent season, one of the recent episodes saw Heidi Klum having a disagreement with Simon Cowell. The co-judges seem to have different views on the use of a particular instrument by one of the contestants. The contestant was a singer named Freckled Zelda who showed up as a full-on fairy with costume and makeup on. After the end of her performance, Cowell expressed his pre-performance opinion. He mentioned that he already had second thoughts even before she started performing. Furthermore, he added his dislike for the instrument that the contestant carried with her calling it “unnecessary”.

Following that, Klum put forward her opinion on the performance as a judge. Her response was clearly different from Cowell’s. She disagreed with him on the use of a musical instrument (a potato flute). Klum added that it was a cool addition to the contestant’s overall look.

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Source: Britain’s Got Talent

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