The momager of the Kardashians, Kris Jenner has known to be calculating when it comes to business. The head of the Kardashian-Jenner family has been known to pull off shady moves. With the recent reveal that Kris Jenner might have been the one responsible for Kim Kardashian’s sex tape being leaked, one can only think what lengths is she willing to cross to attain fame and wealth.

The wealth and fame that the momager has amassed is no joke. Many would be quick to assume that her wealth comes from leeching off of her exes. As the momager seems to have a pattern of having wealthy romantic partners, one cannot easily dismiss the possibility. Jerry Oppenheimer even expressed his thoughts about Kris Jenner’s goals in his book The Kardashians: An American Drama.

Kris Jenner chooses her romantic partners with wealth in mind

Kris Jenner holding the Chanel purse
Kris Jenner

Jerry Oppenheimer, a New York Times bestselling novelist, says that Kris Jenner’s interest in men began early. According to her acquaintances, with some help from her mother, she was already making her desire a reality.

He was describing how Kris Jenner’s ambition to marry a wealthy, older man dates back to an early age. Despite marrying a successful lawyer named Robert Kardashian and leading a lavish lifestyle, the book alleges that the momager couldn’t manage her infidelity habits.

“The way I knew Kris, she was a good person and then something happened, she changed and we weren’t seeing much of each other. She was pursuing something else. I don’t want to use a bad term, but I think her mom was pimping her out.”

According to rumors, Robert Kardashian’s closest buddy Larry Kraines witnessed her having an affair with her personal trainer Todd Waterman. Larry Kraines claims that despite the fact that he caught Kris Jenner in the act, he did not reveal the affair to Robert Kardashian. However, when Robert Kardashian questioned his pals if he knew about Kris Jenner’s friendship with Todd Waterman, he disclosed the information.

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Kris Jenner has forged a fortune by using her kids

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner
Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

The momager Kris Jenner does not bother about being a cruel mom to her kids. Instead, she has turned herself into a vicious handler of the finances of her daughters. The case does not rest there as she has fooled many business magazines and still tries to exaggerate the earnings of Kylie Cosmetics.

It’s cruel to see that the daughters have now started to mirror their mother. Especially with Kim Kardashian who has made her own line of exes who were undoubtedly rich and famous before meeting her.  The sex tape of Kim Kardashian was allegedly used for publicity for the series Keeping Up With The Kardashians as all attention is publicity.

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The momager even used her daughter to make more money

Kris Jenner with Kim Kardashian
Kris Jenner with Kim Kardashian

The mother of the Kardashians is frequently at the center of controversies and scandals. The disclosure of the mother’s behavior has resulted in more regular coverage of the Kardashian family. It’s horrible to see the momager watching the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape. Additionally, in order to sell it, the mother even picked the version in which her daughter appears the best.

Ray J has additionally acted on the allegations of the Kardashian family blaming him for releasing the tape. He has even threatened a potential lawsuit against Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Clearly, her past decisions are starting to come back to haunt her present.

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