After beginning his career on television in 1981, Nicolas Cage began his silver screen acting career in 1982. But it wasn’t until he gave a strong performance in Leaving Las Vegas that his fortune in Hollywood really began to change. In the movie, Cage showed his exceptional acting skills by playing a damaged, alcoholic character. Even though he is well known for his action-packed parts in films like Face/Off, the Ghost Rider series, and Pig, what is most surprising is that this excellent actor isn’t particularly pleased with being called an actor. He would prefer to be called something else.

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage does not like being called an actor

Nicolas Cage shared his views on acting. The beloved actor who starred in National Treasure and numerous other hit movies has confessed that he doesn’t actually think of himself as just an actor. He admitted that he thinks the term “actor” can be deceptive in an open discussion on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast. “I really don’t like the word actor because for me it always implies, ‘Oh, he’s a great actor, therefore he’s a great liar,'” he stated in the Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast. To him, it implies that actors are skilled at deceiving others. People think this deception goes nearly to the point of one becoming an excellent liar.

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Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

Cage instead favors the term “thespian.” He feels that it more accurately conveys the essence of his performances. According to him, being a thespian requires delving deeply into one’s heart, imagination, memories, and dreams in order to provide the audience with something genuine. He also compared his style of acting to early shamanic rituals. In those rituals, shamans would enter their imaginations in order to find solutions and benefit their communities. According to Cage, acting is more of an organic and less artificial process that involves using one’s imagination to build a true relationship with the audience.

Nicolas Cage never plans to stop acting, which is good news for his fans

Nicolas Cage is undoubtedly one of those actors who goes above and beyond for his roles in Hollywood. The Con Air actor has certainly perfected the art of superb acting. He has done everything from eating live cockroaches to going through drastic transformations like dropping weight and shaving his head. We might assume he’s ready to slow down given his lengthy and successful film career. But that isn’t the case at all.

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Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage doesn’t have any immediate plans to retire. He’s actually very passionate about continuing his career in film. He recently discussed his attachment to acting in an interview. Cage referred to acting as a “guardian angel” in his life. He is able to express his express his life experiences through his work. Cage believes that filmmaking has served as a haven for him, making him happier and healthier. Therefore, he just does not consider retiring. This a wonderful news for all Nicolas Cage fans.

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Source: Variety Awards Circuit

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