The much-awaited movie Blue Beetle has once again made its way to the headline as the movie stars talk about the humanity of one of the villains. In a candid interview, Blue Beetle’s star Raoul Max Trujillo has insisted fans to not write off his character, Conrad Carapax. Trujillo hinted towards the humanity of this antagonist.

Raoul Max Trujillo in Blue Beetle
Raoul Max Trujillo in Blue Beetle

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Raoul Max Trujillo says Conrad Carapax the Blue Beetle villain has humanity

The Blue Beetle star Raoul Mac Trujillo has requested fans not to write off the character of the villain Conrad Carapax who is played by him. Talking about this in an interview, Trujillo stated that the Carapax who is also known as the Indestructible Man is more than that of just a one-dimensional villain. He also stated that Carapax has more of humanity in him which will be revealed in the upcoming movie as the story unfolds.

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

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Talking to Screen Rant about this Trujillo said “I think what I brought to it with the help of [director] Angel [Manuel Soto] is a humanity to [Carapax] that we see lurking at the beginning,” he said. “It’s subtle and it’s nuanced, but it’s there behind his eyes, behind every command given to him. You see something going on, and you’re not quite sure what it is. As the film goes on, his humanity is completely revealed.”

While talking about this Trujillo has also said that as the movie will unfold everyone will understand that Carapax is nothing but just a victim of trauma which has made him what he is today.

Blue Beetle: An Important Movie for DC’s Strategy

The most awaited movie Blue Beetle which is all set to release in theaters on August 18 is poised to become a crucial film for the studio and its strategy. Director James Gunn is working with a vision that aligns with DC’s strategy of blending shared storylines and standalone narratives within the larger DC Universe. The upcoming Blue Beetle lies in the second category which means based on its performance the movie will be placed as either Elseworlds or DC Universe film.

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

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Not only this, but the movie will also play a very important role in showing diversity as this is the first DC superhero film that is centered on Latino characters. In short, the movie is simply following the path set by Marvel’s Black Panther which was released in 2018 in which all the cast was filled with stars from the black community.

As the movie is set to release on August 13 fans are excited to see how the character of Conrad Carapax will dwell with humanity. Apart from this, the movie is also going to highlight DC’s evolving strategies.

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