American actor Zendaya is one of the most prominent names on the list of talented rising stars in Hollywood.  Starting off as a child actor, the actor’s interesting filmography can boast about being associated with one of the leading superhero franchises in the world. She was also critically praised for her performance in the Sam Levinson-directed drama, Euphoria.

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Zendaya in Challengers

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Currently, Zendaya is making headlines with her bold character in her upcoming sports drama Challengers. The trailer of Challengers has already become a talking point in the entertainment world. Zendaya would be seen alongside The Crown fame Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist from West Side Story. 

Zendaya And Her Challengers Co-Stars Watched Ratatouille During The Shoot

The Luca Guadagnino-directed sports drama is based on a former Tennis star turned coach Tashi played by Zendaya and how she plays a significant role in helping her husband Art, played by Mike Faist become a Grand Slam champion from a mediocre player. During an interview with the media outlet Total Film, Zendaya spoke about her upcoming movie and the preparations that were required to play the character of Tashi. She revealed that apart from attending the tennis workshops, the trio was also involved in watching the movie Ratatouille. She mentioned-

“It was an acting/tennis summer camp. You wake up really early. Everybody’s like, ‘OK, let’s stretch together.’ We stretch, we play PE games… Eat eggs, chicken, and broccoli… Broccoli! And work out, play tennis, rehearse all day. It was a dream in that respect, you get paid to do what you would want to do anyway.”

Mike Faist, Zendaya, and Josh O Connor in Challengers

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Actor Mike Faist even added-

“That’s kind of what we do as actors. You just kind of learn new skills with everything, and each time it just feels like, ‘OK, what kind of camp is this going to be?’ And the three of us, really, we had a lot of fun training together and working together. It was definitely a memorable summer.”

The actors watched Ratatouille too, as Zendaya mentioned-

“Some light-heartedness to balance some of the talk and the energy of these characters,” 

The love triangle based on the backdrop of a sports drama was one of the most awaited movies for 2023, but due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes the release date has been postponed to 2024.

Zendaya On Her Role In The Upcoming Movie Challengers

Zendaya’s Challengers’ compelling story and the se*ual tone of the theme have already generated curiosity amongst the fans. The R-rated sports drama directed by Luca Guadagnino would feature the Marvel star in a very different character than what she has played in her past projects. During an interview with the media outlet Empire, the 26-year-old actor spoke about the theme of the movie. She said-

“What Luca’s really good at is finding sensuality and desire. There’s so much in just glances. The tension builds. Not having the release is a good thing sometimes.”

British actor Josh O’Connor added-

“The tennis is the s*x. Those moments are so s*xy. The film is dealing with the tension before and after. The s*x they’re all desperate for is on the court.” 

Actor Mike Faist mentioned he had no idea about Tennis. He said-

“He had no knowledge of tennis going into this. And I think he had only a vague interest in certain tennis specificities. He was more interested in the bodies and sweat.”

Previously, Challengers was supposed to be released on September 15, 2023, but due to the ongoing strikes, the sports drama’s release has been rescheduled to April 26, 2024.

Source: Total Film

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