What If…?, an animated anthology series in which The Watcher narrates a sequence of alternate scenarios redefining MCU history as we know it, is the newest addition to Disney’s ever-growing library of MCU TV productions. The first episode shows what might happen if Peggy Carter instead of Steve Rogers received Dr. Erskine’s super-soldier serum, making her a Captain America-like figure. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has Captain Carter in a live-action performance.

What If…? - How MCU Changed Captain Britain And Force Fit The Story Into Captain Carter
What If…?

Viewers, however, might think that since Peggy Carter in What If…? and Doctor Strange 2 isn’t Captain America, she must be Captain Britain. This isn’t entirely accurate. Captain Britain has already appeared in Marvel comics. While there are some similarities between him and the super-powered Peggy from Doctor Strange 2, it’s more realistic to think of them as wholly unique heroes. Captain Carter is the British equivalent of Captain America, however, she differs from Captain Britain in several ways.

How did MCU change Captain Britain into Captain Carter?

In terms of origin, Captain Carter and Captain Britain are on the polar sides of Marvel’s heroic spectrum. Dr. Erskine’s hard trials to develop the perfect soldier ultimately generated the desired blue serum capable of converting even a tiny youngster from Brooklyn into a muscular powerhouse, which gave Peggy her skills. Despite his scientific training, Brian Braddock’s Captain Britain abilities are magical in origin, bestowed by mythical beings from another realm who endow their chosen champion with supernatural energy.

Captain Britain - How MCU Changed Captain Britain And Force Fit The Story Into Captain Carter
Captain Britain

The abilities of a super soldier and those of the Captain Britain Corps have some overlap. Both heroes grow in strength, speed, and resistance to death, but Brian Braddock’s supernatural energy enables him to achieve considerably more with his abilities than Carter. They were tasked with safeguarding their nation against would-be invaders, and each became a superhero because they already exhibited the vital attributes of heroism and courage. Brian, like Captain Carter, chooses an amulet over a sword, demonstrating how both characters prefer reason over violence.

Captain Carter
Captain Carter

Captain Carter takes up a sword at the end of her What If…? origin story, which is a notable shift from Steve Rogers. Captain Carter’s shield features in the latest Doctor Strange 2 footage, therefore her sword will most probably appear as well. Peggy’s sword might be a reference to Captain Britain’s Might Sword, evoking the idea of an English knight.

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