Daniel Craig is a versatile actor and Bond fans didn’t think that he would be such a successful bond after they announced him to be the next 007. But he definitely proved the haters wrong, didn’t he?

It was emotional goodbye when the actor stepped down as James Bond after No Time to die. While we will be seeing him in Knives Out soon. But did you know that as a kid Daniel Craig dreamed of playing a superhero on screen either Spider-Man or Superman? Well, those two roles kind of seem impossible at the moment, but here are some roles he can definitely rock!

1. Wonder Man

Daniel Craig could play these superheroes
Wonder Man Needs a Solo movie

This Marvel superhero first made his appearance in 1964 in The Avengers #9. He was introduced as a supervillain with “ionic” energy and he in fact fought Avengers. But later he had a change of heart and was reborn as a superhero. He later joined the Avengers team.

Simon Williams inherited William Innovations but the profits fell due to Tony Stark and his Stark Industries. Well long story short, he blames Starak for becoming a villain. Daniel could definitely play the bad guy turned good hero. While we know Nathan Fillion did play the role in GOTG 2, Marvel could either replace him or thanks to the messed up timeline, we could see Daniel don the character for a small time.

2. Martin Manhunter

Superheroes that Daniel Craig can pull off
It would be exciting to see Daniel Craig play Martin Manhunter

He is a powerful member of the Justice League and has some amazing powers such as Flight, Telepathy, Phasing, Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, and even Invisibility. Martin Manhunter can easily carry the Superman torch and Daniel would be a great option. Though this character has been already been played by many other actors in the films or series, if they were to make a solo movie on him, Daniel Craig is the man.

3. Hercules

Daniel Craig should play these superheroes
With some help of CGI Daniel can pull off Hercules

He has been quite a longtime mainstay in Marvel Comics and appeared first in The Mighty Thor in the ’60s. He went on to become a member of the Avengers. Hercules has not appeared in MCU yet because we have Thor around. But it’s quite evident that Thor could be retiring anytime soon and plus with the Eternals coming back for the second film and exploring the universe, we might meet Hercules and this could make Daniel Craig’s appearance as the (Demi) Greek God.

4. Captain Britain

Superheroes Daniel Craig was born to play
Daniel would fair well as Captain Britain

Well, this character appeared only in Marvel UK comics initially. He received a bad injury in a lab accident and nearly died. Merlyn the wizard appeared and gave him to chance to become Captain Britain.

He later teamed up with Spider-man and Captain America. He led the British X-Men team Excalibur too. MCU is surely introducing mutants anytime soon considering Prof X is in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. Daniel Craig could possibly play this role.

5. The Question

Daniel Craig can play these superhero roles
Daniel Craig would be perfect as The Question

If you are a fan of DC comics, you know how great The Question is! He is hands down one of the best detectives in DC. He has no powers of his own and yet is a member of the Justice League. Why? Because has some amazing analytical abilities. He can find clues that most powerful superheroes overlook. And he can surely make anyone confess. We saw Batman being a true detective this year and maybe we can see him taking some help from The Question in the next movie?

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