Believe it or not, Spider-Man: Far From Home perfectly sets the stage for a character like Daredevil to swing into action on the silver screen, launching himself from a television series to theaters around the world. Though no direct Easter eggs happened to appear, the stars have seemed aligned for a bright future for ol’ Hornhead on the big screen. Heads up, there are major Far From Home spoilers up ahead! Seriously, we’re going to talk about a huge reveal, so proceed with caution if you have yet to see the movie. You’ve been warned!

Spoilers related to Spider-Man :Far from Home

In the mid-credits scene, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and his new-found girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) are swinging around Manhattan when the two pause for a breather. Just then, a breaking news story comes on a nearby billboard-screen, revealing Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) made a deathbed video to distribute to news outlets. In the video, Mysterio reveals Spider-Man’s true identity as Peter Parker.

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Then, shortly thereafter, J. Jonah Jameson suddenly pops up on the screen — yes, played by the fan-favorite JK Simmons — and warns the public about the menace Spider-Man has become in an InfoWars-esque video. “What the f-,” Parker says as the screen cuts to black.

Daredevil star says “He’d love to appear on screen next to Tom Holland!”

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Suffice to say, Parker’s going to need a pretty good lawyer for the upcoming hubbub, right? Enter Matt Murdock. As we speculated earlier in the week, Daredevil is the one television character with enough clout to enter the movie side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, quite frankly, through a Spider-Man film might be the easiest introduction. In fact, Daredevil star Charlie Cox has previously gone on record saying he’d “love” to appear on-screen next to Holland’s Spider-Man.

Release: Daredevil  & Spider-man 3

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Coincidentally enough, there are some legal things in place prohibiting Daredevil from appearing on any platforms other than Netflix for nearly another year and a half. That said, the timing’s nearly perfect for the character to be available again as Marvel Studios begins developing Spider-Man 3, albeit a bit late. Since Spider-Man has joined the MCU, Sony has insisted on doing Spider-Man films every two years and if the two-year clause with Daredevil still holds true, Marvel wouldn’t be able to start developing Daredevil again in the fall of 2020,far too late if Sony sticks to their guns. If, however, Marvel Studios would be able to convince to wait a year and push Spider-Man 3 to 2022, that should allow ample time for Marvel to work Murdock/Daredevil in, at least in a supporting role.

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