Stan Lee’s cameo has been an integral part of Marvel films over the past 18 years. From 2000’s X-Men to 2018’s Venom, the legend has appeared in all films by Marvel. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Lee’s cameos were provided a new meaning, as the studio confirmed that Lee has been playing an informant for alien watchers throughout.

Lee appeared in Ruben Fleischer’s Venom, which is the first film in the Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. Currently, these characters don’t exist in the same world as Spider-Man, Lee’s cameo might actually hint the connection the two studios have.

stan lee ant man wasp cameo

The cameo appears towards the end of the film after Eddie Brock has saved the world and while his ex-girlfriend believes that the symbiote died during the explosion, the symbiote is actually alive inside Eddie. Now as he walks away, he is halted by a man with his dog. This is Stan Lee, and he gives Eddie some advice. He tells him that “he knows it’s tough but the two of you can make it work.”

While it sounded more like a reference to Annie and Eddie, it sounds even better if it’s about Venom and Eddie. And now, if you take Lee’s recent MCU cameos, I’m sure he knows more than he’s revealing.

Another popular fan theory suggests that Lee has been appearing as ‘Uatu’ The Watcher in the MCU. This theory was, in a way, confirmed during Lee’s cameo in GOtG Vol 2., where he’s seen alongside the members of Watcher race.

Give all this, does Stan Lee know about Venom? And if he doesn’t, will he reinforce his role as the Watcher to provide a backdoor for Venom to enter MCU? Well, just saying.

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