Celebrities sporadically miss out on opportunities that could change their fate. The mega-hit movie Titanic has a story behind its cast, A-lister Leonardo Dicaprio’s career took a massive pace after the James Cameron movie. However, this success might not have been possible without Kate Winslet.

Titanic Co-stars
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

It was the Labor Day star who made Leonardo DiCaprio sign the Titanic project. The Shutter Island star could have lost out on the role of Jack Dawson if Kate Winslet hadn’t convinced him to be a part of the classic movie.

Kate Winslet Influenced Leonardo DiCaprio For Titanic 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
Titanic Movie

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Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t fully onboard to play Jack Dawson in Titanic, a movie that just did not make DiCaprio a megastar but included Kate Winslet. The Triple 9 actress was geared up for the James Cameron movie, unlike DiCaprio. The Inception star wasn’t sure if he would give a heads-up for Titanic, but when Winslet eavesdropped that DiCaprio was in the running for the role, the actress couldn’t resist convincing DiCaprio. Winslet once giving  an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio told Hollywood:

“I actually tracked him down in the hotel he was staying and I said, ‘Look, I’m not going to do this without you! It’s going to be really great and we’re going to have loads of fun, and I’m nice to work with”.

Winslet’s part in getting DiCaprio onboard was even more than James Cameron’s The Titanic creator. The Finding Neverland star went the extra mile with her efforts to convince DiCaprio, that she made him guilty of not turning up for the project. Winslet also revealed that she made endless phone calls until Leonardo DiCaprio was guilty conscience for not ratifying with her and in the same interview DiCaprio revealed that he was kind of “petrified” and even after having abundant conversations with Cameron, it was Winslet at the end of the day who made DiCaprio sign for Titanic.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Also Did a Box Office Flop

Leonardo DiCaprio's flop movie
The Revolutionary Road Movie

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No wonder Titanic was a mega hit movie, which was highly recognized for its storyline, cast, and of course James Cameron’s dedication to the movie. In an interview with Deadline, The Revenant star explained that Cameron’s movie was an experiment for both the stars and they never wondered if it would give them a massive success overnight. DiCaprio was just twenty-two years old then and Winslet was twenty-one years old. The actors share a healthy bond and DiCaprio mentioned that he thinks highly of Winslet’s acting abilities.

In the next project, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet joined forces was a Sam Mendes movie, Revolutionary Road. It was a 2008 romantic drama movie that despite having an A-lister Dicaprio, fell short of expected success. The movie revolves around Frank Wheeler and April Wheeler played by DiCaprio and Winslet, showcasing a couple that harbors unattained dreams and aspirations. The movie lies under DiCaprio’s one of the flop movies, per TheThings, which received positive reviews from critics and earned Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. Revolutionary Road just earned $76 million despite having Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as the main cast.

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Source: Hollywood, Deadline and TheThings





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