If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that shounen anime will lend its characters wild abilities to give fans mind-blowing battles. In Dragon Ball, it’s ki, in Naruto, it’s chakra, in My Hero Academia, it’s Quirks, and in Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s cursed energy. Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter has the energy Nen which allows its users to perform a wide range of techniques.

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter

In a recent interview, Yoshihiro Togashi revealed his favorite Nen and the power he would like the most. Togashi disclosed that his favorite Nen power and ability are yet to be animated in the series. However, both Nen abilities are present in the latest Hunter x Hunter manga chapters, the Succession Contest arc.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s Favorite Nen Ability

Hunter x Hunter Killua
Hunter x Hunter Killua

Togashi stated that the Tenth Prince’s Nen ability, “Season of Two” was his favorite. He said,

“While I was drawing storyboards, I saw the choreographer Takahiro talking on a show about the intention behind the choreography of ‘Season of Two’ and his interpretation of the song. I was so moved and inspired by it that I finished the storyboards all at once. I like these two songs so much that when I see them side by side in a live concert setlist, my emotional balance collapses. Yes, I like the songs more than the ability itself.”

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In a recent interview, Togashi confirmed the Nen power he would like the most:

“As for what I would like to use, it would be the younger sister’s (The Eleventh Prince) ‘Secret Door (Magical Worm)’. It would save me travel time and expenses, and if my lower back happened to go out during the trip, I could use it to crawl to a hospital.”

Yoshihiro Togashi’s Health Struggles

Killua and Gon
Killua and Gon

Togashi’s health issues, especially his chronic back pain, have significantly impacted the pace of the manga series. The frequent hiatus of the manga can be blamed on Togashi’s lower back problems. In 2022, he said that he was unable to sit on a chair due to his ailment, leading him to draw while lying down.

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Togashi had been inactive on Twitter since November 22, 2022, which concerned the fans about Hunter x Hunter‘s future due to the frequent hiatuses. However, on March 9, 2023, Togashi updated about his health and the Hunter x Hunter manga.

In the update, he says that the production system is not fixed yet, but he shared the happiness of being able to draw at his desk again. Fans were justifiably elated and expressed their happiness by flooding the comment section with their support.

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