Harry Styles’ love life has been the subject of hot discussion ever since his time with ‘One Direction’. He recently dominated the tabloids when he was seen in Tokyo on March 25, giving Emily Ratajkowski a passionate kiss. For the unversed, she is the close pal of his ex, Olivia Wilde. 

However, Ratajkowski recently got candid about the kiss and its effects. The author of My Body admitted that she “didn’t expect” her steamy makeout session with the Watermelon Sugar singer to go viral the way it did after the intense and passionate PDA. 

Styles was spotted passionately kissing Ratajkowski on the streets of Tokyo, giving the impression that he had put his relationship with Olivia Wilde to rest. 

Emily Ratajkowski Source- Instagram
Emily Ratajkowski Source- Instagram

This happened right after his breakup with Ratajkowski’s close friend, Olivia Wilde. 

After two years of dating, Styles called it quits with Wilde, with sources citing hectic schedules as the cause of the breakup. 

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Emily Ratajkowski Now ‘Feels Bad’ For Olivia Wilde

Since last year, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have been the most talked-about celebrity couple in Hollywood. People made assumptions about the couple’s relationship during the Don’t Worry Darling premiere. The two were not seen interacting with each other at the event and did not even arrive together.

But in reality, they were reluctant to make their relationship the center of attention because they didn’t want to overshadow the limelight of the movie.

On the other hand, Harry Styles was seen kissing Emily Ratajkowski last month in Tokyo! The friendship between Ratajkowski and Styles’ ex-girlfriend, Olivia Wilde may go unnoticed by many people. Or, given what she did, should we say that she was her friend?

Emily Ratajkowski Now ‘Feels Bad’ For Olivia Wilde
Emily Ratajkowski Now ‘Feels Bad’ For Olivia Wilde

Emily Ratajkowski is reportedly asking Wilde for forgiveness for breaking the ‘girl code’ and is apologizing for her actions, according to a source. She recently informed Spanish Vogue, 

“I didn’t expect this to happen, but I think, in general, there’s a reason certain celebrities live in LA, hire security, and don’t go to public restaurants.” 

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Olivia Wilde Is Left With ‘Foolish Broken Heart’

Olivia Wilde may appear calm on the outside, but she may be deeply hurt inside. Wilde reportedly admitted that she is upset about the news that Harry Styles kissed Emily Ratajkowski. It is also important to note that the 31-year-old has always stepped in to defend The Words actress from online trolls.

But this time, it seems, after this incident, Wilde is deeply hurt by her close friend and ex’s actions. 

Wilde and Ratajkowski might never speak to each other again, according to reports. She did not know who to hold more accountable for making her feel betrayed. The source also stated that,

“Wilde blew up her entire life with her children and their father Jason [Sudeikis] to be with Styles. Now she’s left with nothing but a foolish broken heart.” 

Olivia Wilde Was Hurt By Her Ex Kissing Emily Ratajkowski 
Olivia Wilde Was Hurt By Her Ex Kissing Emily Ratajkowski

On the other hand, the mother-of-one also made a passing reference to the alleged argument she had with Wilde after their kiss, saying, “That’s how it is. Just an unfortunate issue.”

For those who are unaware, Styles dated Wilde for almost two years before splitting up last year. For the time being, Olivia Wilde is “taking the high road” and refraining from participating in the Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles drama.

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Source- Spanish Vogue

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