Anne Hathaway is a single name with a million talents in the world of entertainment. The actor who is known for her great choice of projects and a thousand-watt smile, needs no introduction as an actor. She is not only a great actor, but also an active advocate of gender equality.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

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The Academy Award winner has never shied away from talking about equality- be it in the workplace or with respect to pay parity. According to Love And Other Drugs, actor Hollywood has widely influenced the mentality of people with respect to weight gain and loss.

Anne Hathaway Breaks Her Silence On The Double Standards Of Hollywood

According to a reputed media outlet Irish Examiner, as reported in 2006, Anne Hathaway simply dislikes being labeled a regular girl in Hollywood as she feels regular is just another word for being fat. The Princess Diaries actor slammed the fashion industry’s obsession with weight. The Devil Wears Prada actor stated-

“It does kind of bother me when people come up and say: ‘It’s so refreshing to see someone regular in Hollywood. I’m like: ‘What does that mean?’ I don’t want to be the regular girl because that’s a code word for fat by the Hollywood system.”

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

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She further added-

“I don’t know where I fall in it, but I haven’t gotten any complaints from my boyfriend. And I fit into (US) size four clothes, so I guess I don’t have anything to worry about.”

While addressing the weird obsession of Hollywood with weight, Anne Hathaway mentioned-

“In Hollywood, you have to be careful if you go above a six, then you’re considered fat. I’m considered to be, I hope, an actress, and you can get away with a couple of extra pounds if you are trading on your talent instead of your sex appeal. I don’t have time to be tortured by my weight!”

The UN Women’s Goodwill ambassador also spoke about the issue of unpaid maternity leaves in organizations during International Women’s Day

Anne Hathaway On The Importance Of Paid Parental Leave

Anne Hathaway presented a speech on the occasion of International Women’s Day addressing the issue of unpaid parental leave. As per the Interstellar actor, parental leave for both genders should not be an option, but a necessity. During her speech, she mentioned-

 “I remember I experienced a shift in consciousness that gave me the ability to maintain my love of career and also cherish something else, someone else, so much, much more.”

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

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While addressing the parental leave agenda, the actor pointed out

“American women are currently entitled to 12 weeks’ unpaid leave. American men are entitled to nothing. That information landed differently for me when, one week after my son’s birth I could barely walk, when I was getting to know a human who was completely dependent on my husband and, me for everything, when I was dependent on my husband for most things, when we were relearning everything we thought we knew about our family and relationship. It landed differently.”

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Anne Hathaway highlighted the issue of 12 weeks of unpaid leave when one needs more financial assistance as they have one extra mouth to feed. She said-

“Somehow, we and every American parent were expected to be “back to normal” in under three months. Without income. I remember thinking to myself, “If the practical result of pregnancy is another mouth to feed in your home and America is a country where most people are living paycheck to paycheck, how does 12 weeks unpaid leave economically work?”

While talking about the issue of unpaid parental leave, the actor even elucidated the necessity to destigmatize men’s image as caregivers as in order to liberate women, we need to liberate our men first.

Source: Irish Examiner/ YouTube

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