Nicolas Cage is a phenomenal actor who has an impressive filmography record. His acting genius and charisma have won him millions of fans worldwide. The actor most recently takes on the role of Dracula in Renfield, a horror comedy fans can’t wait to watch the movie in theaters. According to recent reports, Cage has debunked film directors’ remarks on his acting ability. Chris McKay claimed that Nicolas Cage remained in his Dracula character even after the shooting ended. The Ghost Rider movie star is currently busy promoting his upcoming film, and during the movie premiere in New York, he took a jab at McKay’s controversial statements.

Nicolas Cage Dismissed Accusations Of Chris McKay

Actor Nicolas Cage
Actor Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is a man of many talents. The actor recently spoke about his disturbing behavior on the set of his movie Renfield. Cage revealed the reason behind Chris McKay’s remark as he told Hollywood Reporter about his experience working on the film and how he evolved into his character.

The actor revealed,

“I just don’t have that recollection, I don’t know why Chris said that. I had a lot of laughs in between takes with both Chris McKay and Nick Hoult, so maybe that was his experience, maybe because I still had the fangs in my mouth that made me speak a certain way, but that wasn’t my experience.”

Nicolas Cage and Chris McKay

He continued,

“With this Dracula, I was trying to fuse that which is scary and humorous even at the same time in the line delivery. It was just how can you be creepy and funny at the same time, that was the challenge.”

According to the movie director, Cage was so much into his character and having fun playing Dracula in Renfield that he couldn’t let go of his role even after they wrapped up the shooting. Chris McKay told Insider,

“Whatever scene we did he would still be 100% living in that attitude after we stopped shooting. So if he’s a little frosty in the scene he’s going to have a little bit of that between takes. But still up for whatever we were doing. But you also have to remember, he’s covered head to toe in Dracula makeup and costume, so it’s a different thing.” 

Renfield is an upcoming movie it will be released on April 14, 2023, which stars Nicolas Cage, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Schwartz, and Awkwafina.

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Nicolas Cage Shares Inspiration Behind His Dracula Character

Actor Nic Cage
Nicolas Cage

The Rock movie star revealed his father, August Coppola, was the biggest influence on his portrayal of Dracula. He said,

“Dracula is a character that’s been done many times, it’s been done well a few times. He always spoke with distinction, he was very elegant and eloquent, he was always the smartest man in every room he walked in and he knew, and he made sure we knew. I think Dracula, being around for so many years, would have some of that aura.”

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Nicholas Hoult praises his co-star Nicolas Cage’s remarkable acting in the movie as he shared,

“I think getting to work with him again as an adult gave me a true appreciation of what a master he is of the craft, how much he’s given to the cinematic world over the years, all of the iconic performances he’s given, and I think this is another one. I was like, oh, this feels very different. It’s a swing, but if it works then I think we have a fun movie.”

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Nicolas Cage gave a memorable performance as Dracula in the film. It was a treat for cage fans and the same showed his ability to play different characters with ease. Cage is a fantastic actor who lifts up any project he becomes a part of, which is why he is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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