Alec Baldwin definitely comes from a hotheaded family. The FRIENDS star has experienced his fair share of scandals throughout his time in the spotlight.

The actor has often been featured in the media for his controversial actions, such as his involvement in the infamous fatal shooting on the Rust set. Despite being a well-known figure, there are still many things about him that are unknown.

Well, he recently got involved in another controversy. Baldwin definitely had a charming appearance on the red carpet at the 2023 PEN America Spring Literary Gala on Thursday night. But, alas, on the inside, things were quite different.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

The 65-year-old actor allegedly got into a heated argument with a server while at the 2023 PEN America Spring Literary Gala. According to a source, the former 30 Rock actor allegedly “scolded” a waitress over an unspecified incident that then left the waitress “looking shocked”.

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Alec Baldwin ‘Verbally Berated’ A Female Server, Leaving Her ‘Shocked And Upset’

Alec Baldwin and his wife recently attended the 2023 PEN America Spring Literary Gala. While the actor was charming on the red carpet, he lost his cool inside the gathering and appeared extremely rude to a young server. According to a source, who was present at the event, the young female server was left “looking shocked” after the incident.

The insider claimed that the female server was following directions during dinnertime. But because there were many servers lined up due to the event, she eventually got stuck behind the Supercell actor who was blocking the server’s line. 

The insider continued, “Then, when she could pass, she started putting plates on the table. I guess he didn’t like that she did that with him standing there.” Alec Baldwin “scolded her” after that.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

“I don’t know why he yelled at me”, the server said to the insider while she was still in shock after everything that had happened.

The source also said that they believed Baldwin “felt the server was rude” to begin setting plates down while he was still standing. Also, his wife, Hilaria Baldwin was not present at the alleged incident, which “went unnoticed for the most part”.

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But Alec And Hilaria Baldwin Looked Happy On The Red Carpet

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin appeared to be having a great time while walking the red carpet at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The couple hugged each other tightly as they smiled for photographs at the occasion.

The event’s host was Colin Jost, the anchor of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. The honoree was none other than Salman Rushdie, who made his first public appearance since losing one eye sight. 

Rushdie said as he was applauded, It’s nice to be back – as opposed to not being back, which was also a possibility. I’m glad the dice rolled this way.”

Alec Baldwin and his wife
Alec Baldwin and his wife

Last year, the Beetlejuice actor was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter. This was related to Halyna Hutchins’ death and Joel Souza, Rust’s director. Souza was wounded after being struck by the same bullet that killed Hutchins.

Despite Baldwin’s repeated denials to the contrary, a damning FBI report found that the 65-year-old actor did indeed fire the shot that killed Hutchins. 

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Source-  Page Six

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