The Real Housewives of Miami is set on an overly done reality show format centered around the bougie Housewives of Miami. Brain-dead shows like these continue to give everyone entertainment, who just want to relax and crave a little drama in their lives. Therefore it is a guilty pleasure to watch for many. Very recently the reunion for the Miami saga was filmed and things got heated both on and off camera. Andy Cohen was the usual host like always.

Andy Cohen a talk show host lost his temper. Larsa Pippen, a former Miami Housewife got yelled at by Cohen. He later apologized to the cast member for his behavior.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen

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Andy Cohen yelled at Larsa Pippen

Andy Cohen is a television personality, talk show host, producer, and radio personality. Famously known for his talk show Watch What Happens Live! Larsa Pippen on the other hand is an American socialite and a businesswoman who also sated in the mentioned reality show.

He took to Instagram to apologize to the television personality for talking to her in a rude manner. He regretted his actions. The reason why he screamed at her is still unknown as the taping is still in progress.

Larsa Pippen
Larsa Pippen

Andy Cohen said,

“We’re still shooting–and I didn’t have screaming at Larsa on my bingo card today.”

While starting to discuss what led him to lose his temper. Lisa Hochstein a fellow cast member also chimed in and claimed he yelling at her the previous year. Andy Cohen apologized to both. Although it is still not clear if it was a publicity stunt or a genuine fight, the reason for the altercation is still not revealed. Only the show when aired can answer these questions.

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Andy Cohen’s apology

The talk show host took to Instagram on the 26th of January to apologize to Larsa Pippen. He stated,

 “I’m sorry, Larsa.–I don’t like screaming at women,–I said it on the break, I don’t wanna scream at women.”

He then followed up his Instagram story updating his followers about his life,

“Well I had a lovely day with some beautiful, sometimes high-maintenance women, and I’m back,—I made it home in time for bedtime with my No. 1 beautiful, sometimes high-maintenance woman.”

Seating chart of the season five reunion
Seating chart of the RHOM season five reunion

The producer also did not reveal what led the two into an argument. But released a seating chart that ignited the situation a bit and put audiences on the edge of their seats. Only time will tell what went on inside the sets of The Real Housewives of Miami season five reunion.

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Source: E News

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