Kanye West is easily one of the most controversial personalities in Hollywood for some time now, and his dating life and relationships are also a part of it. In a surprising turn of events, two of his ex-girlfriends recently got face-to-face and talked about their time with the Donda rapper. Amber Rose was invited as a guest on the Forbidden Fruits with Julia Fox and Niki Takesh podcast, where Rose and Fox bonded over the ordeals of dating someone like Ye.

Julia Fox and Amber Rose bond over their relationship with Kanye West

Julia Fox and Amber Rose share their views on dating Kanye West
Julia Fox, Amber Rose, and Kanye West

Amber Rose made an appearance on Julia Fox‘s podcast this Thursday and Kanye West had to be a major topic of conversation because of their respective dating history with the Grammy winner. While Fox, 33, had only been involved with West for a brief period of six weeks in early 2022, Rose, 39, had dated him for a good two years, from 2008 to 2010. Being his girlfriend brought her into the global spotlight and she honestly admitted to it, saying,

“I don’t shy away from that because it is a really big part of my story and how I became famous.”

She then went on to share the over-a-decade-old experience,

“I think the funny part is I didn’t have anyone to look to and say, okay this happened to her so it’s going to happen to me—I was the first. I was the girlfriend and then all of the sudden I was by myself walking around and paparazzi would follow me around, alone, and I would say ‘I’m not famous, he’s not with me'”.

The two women then went on to discuss their mutual ex.

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Amber Rose and Julia Fox’s impression of Kanye West

Amber Rose and Julia Fox with Kanye West
Amber Rose and Julia Fox with Kanye West

The Uncut Gems star who dated the Yeezy founder shortly after his split from Kim Kardashian shared her views on the 45-year-old

“I have a theory that he has always been the same, kind of, and it’s getting more extreme. I feel like he has always just had really lofting dreams and always kind of pushing the envelope as much as he can, pushing the boundaries—like if you tell the man no, he is going to find a way to get yes.”

Fox has previously made surprising statements about her time with Ye as well, including that she dated the Bound 2 rapper to distract him from harassing the SKKN founder.

Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West

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Even Rose has talked about her not-so-smooth ride with the father of four, especially their controversial breakup. Back in July 2022, she confessed on the It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper podcast,

“I have my own—I don’t want to say ‘feelings’ for him, because that sounds like it’s a positive thing for Kanye—I have my own issues and feelings, how I feel about how our relationship was.”

The Praise God rapper infamously cheated on Rose with The Kardashians star and even made inappropriate statements about the model after leaving her for Kim K.

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Source: Daily Mail

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