Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. As an actress and dancer on popular TV shows including Empire and Dancing with the Stars, where she won the competition’s 20th season. The 34-year-old made headlines again, this time, it’s not for her career as a dancer or actor but for her controversial comments about her family’s traditions.

Rumer Willis
American Actress, Rumer Willis

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She took the interview to express her desire for her future child to learn the family tradition of stealing.

The Oldest Daughter Of The Willis Family, Rumer Willis Is Prepared For A Motherhood

The winner of season 20 of Dancing with the Stars, announced her pregnancy with a series of black-and-white Instagram photos with her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas, kissing her growing belly on December 20th. The announcement was captioned with a growing plant emoji.

Actress, Rumer Willis
Pregnancy Growth, Rumer Willis

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The House Bunny actress’s family, including her mother Demi Moore, and sisters Scout and Tallulah Willis, were quick to share the happy news on social media.

As the oldest child of her family, Rumer is excited to welcome her first child and wonders what they will be like hoping to pass down her natural goofiness to her little one.

She shared with People, “We’re a family of weirdos, and I love that so much. I hope that that is engendered in this child,” she continued, “That’s my favorite thing, laughing with my family.”

When asked about her pregnancy experience since announcing the news in December, she responded,

“Humbling. I have so much reverence and respect for women now. I feel I’ve had an easier time physically than most of my friends. Also, because I’m so excited, even those moments that are challenging, or feel frustrating, I’m just so excited, that always kind of trumps [everything]… But, it’s wild. It’s the wildest experience, even more so than I ever thought of.”

Amidst the excitement and well wishes surrounding Rumer Willis’ pregnancy announcement, she also made headlines for her interest in passing down the family tradition of stealing to her future child.

Rumer Willis Wants Her Baby To Learn Stealing…?

Sorority Row star has many accomplishments in the entertainment industry and has recently opened up to PEOPLE about her pregnancy, discussing her passion for birth, her hopes for her future child, and the unwavering support she has received from her family.

When an interviewer asked about her family’s involvement in her pregnancy actress expressed her gratitude for their enthusiasm in welcoming the first grandchild into the family, she stated,

“They’re so excited. It’s so fun to be bringing in the first grandkid in our family, especially because we’re such a huge group at this point. Because my youngest sister is 8, we haven’t had a little tiny baby in our family in a while.”

Rumer Willis Family, Demi Moore And Bruce Willis
Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Parents Of Rumer Willis

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Further, she continued, “My sisters just keep saying, I can’t wait to put their foot in my mouth, or just play with them. I’m so grateful that I’m so close with my family that I get to rely on them for support that way.”

She also shared advice from her parents on raising a child saying, “You have no control over anything, and just have a lot of grace with yourself.”

When People asked about any family traditions she plans to continue as a mother, she mentioned,

“Christmas, when we were little, was always a big deal. I feel like being able to do Christmas again where there’s that delight. But also, I’m so excited to create new ones.”

The Hostage performer opened up about her expectations regarding her future child possibly stealing her clothes, she tells,

“Boy or a girl, I feel like it’s deeply inevitable. My sister’s still stealing my clothes. I still steal my mom’s clothes. I still go over there to her house and take toilet paper or something. I thought about it the other day when I was snagging something from her house. I took water from her house, a case of water. I was like, Oh, my kid is totally going to do this.”

Ultimately, Rumer’s excitement during her pregnancy is mostly focused on finally meeting her child.

Source: People

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