Kanye West is known to have no filter when he makes statements. Almost every tweet, every post by him brings with it a hoard of headlines, and the Donda rapper never has a dearth of spotlights on him. The Yeezy founder’s anti-Semitic remarks have made him a global pariah and the tweets also banned him from Twitter for a stipulated amount of time. Ye is back on Twitter now and has been thoroughly making up for the days of absence. This time around, West decided to mess with Basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal.

Kanye West needlessly takes on Shaquille O’Neal

Kanye West
Kanye West

In a recent tweet, Kanye West hinted that Jewish people are slowly establishing dominion over black people. To put it precisely, he targeted Shaquille O’Neal and his business along with that of David Beckham. According to the Praise God rapper, a Jewish businessman Jamie Salter fooled both the aforementioned people into doing business with him. West’s tweet read:

“Shaq is in business with Jamie Salter

Jamie first said he’s 50/50 with David Beckham and 50/50 with Shaq

I said “Jamie . . . There’s no such thing as 50/50 in business . . . Who has the extra 1 percent for the control and voting rights” “
Shaq blasts Kanye on Twitter
Shaq gave Kanye West a lesson

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However, O’Neal was not one to take this lightly. But he wasn’t willing to get his hands dirty either. So, the NBA analyst decided to give a straightforward but epic reply that could shut West in an instant. He retorted,

“Believe me you don’t know me like that. Worry about your business, and to quote the once great Kanye West, ‘I got more money than you, so why would I listen to you?’ Take my advice and get your family business in order. Have a great day brother.”

It is obviously up to the Praise God rapper now if he wants to continue the back-and-forth or accept his defeat. However, if he does choose to reply to this otherwise concluding statement, it might turn heated, or entertaining.

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Where does Kanye West vs Shaquille O’Neal stem from

Kanye West supports Kyrie Irving
Kanye West fighting with Shaq over Kyrie Irving

Reports suggest that another reason that West threw shade at Shaq was for the latter’s comments on Kyrie Irving. The former basketball star called Irving an idiot on TNT sports.

Kyrie Irving is promoting a film and a book called Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America! which propagates the incorrect narrative that blacks are in fact Jews. And ironically, the Bound 2 rapper who is so against Jewish people in every aspect, who feels that the Jews aim at segregating black people further so they start infighting, is pro-Irving. And it is for him that he took on a needless fight with O’Neal.

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