Jamie Lynn Spears is one of the many that has learned life lessons and come to a realization about past experiences with the new year. In a recent lengthy Instagram post, Spears shared the consequences she faced after becoming pregnant at 16. Although at the time she had felt like the world was ending thanks to the media, at present, she has finally come to terms with what passed more than a decade ago. And according to the Zoey 101 alum, she does not feel as worthless as she used to. Moreover, she is grateful for the decisions she made at the time. She never gave up on herself and her dreams when the world seemed against them. Her story is actually an inspiring one for young people especially teenage moms suffering from shame and discouragement.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Emotional New Year Instagram Post

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears

With the start of a new year, Jamie Lynn Spears reflected back on the past year as well as the last 15-16 years. Being a teenage mom in the public eye had a significant effect on Spears’ self-worth and her life goals. She shared her feelings with,

“everything I worked my whole life for would be gone, and I had ruined my whole life, bc I was a young girl who got pregnant, & decided to keep my baby” 

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She further added that at the time she decided to “accept” everything that was said about her. Being only 16 it was natural for her to get scared of the rumors and criticisms she faced for something so ordinary. She had even believed that her dreams would not ever come true due to the media’s perception of her situation. Nevertheless, despite her situation, she worked silently and gradually on her creative outlets in the background. And now, she has her own book, is a star in the Netflix hit Magnolias, and will be participating in a competitive show. In her post, she also encouraged everyone by writing,

“Yall, please Don’t ever give up on yourself, especially when it gets hard, because nothing worth having ever comes easy”

And ended it by advising people to go into the new year with “gratitude” and “grace”.

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She Also Talked About Her Teen Pregnancy in the Past

Jamie lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears

It is not the first time Jamie Lynn Spears has talked about her experience with teenage pregnancy. Having a famous sister (Britney Spears) does come with disadvantages. For the Zoey 101 alum, it had a really bad effect. Being in the public eye and getting pregnant at only 16 put her in a very vulnerable position. Spears once discussed the judgment she faced after her pregnancy in a 2012 interview with Glamour. According to her, before the news, all she wanted was to go home.

Jamie lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears

But the news of her pregnancy obviously surprised her. Nonetheless, it was something that a lot of teenagers went through. And she got judged by the media for something as normal as getting married young. She was forced to make a decision for herself being so young. And eventually, it all turned out well for her. Spears did warn that her words were not meant to “glamourize” teenage pregnancy but rather it was an encouragement and hope for young people in such situations.

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