After more than 20 years or so,  screenwriter Frederic Raphael has come out with his not-so-good experience working with Hollywood top stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. It seems that while working with the two in their 1999 Stanley Kubrick-directed Eyes Wide Shut, he felt excluded from the film’s contribution.

Raphael recently released a book where he addressed this issue even though a lot of time has passed since the said incident took place. Moreover, the book comes after Cruise released his latest film Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1.

Screenwriter Frederic Raphael Reveals His Bad Experience With Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Frederic Raphael
Frederic Raphael

While working in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman surely gave a good performance. And the film received good critical responses as well. The two actors had been married to each other at the time. However, it turns out that the movie’s screenwriter Frederic Raphael did not have a very good time working on the project.

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And after more than 20 years since the film came out, Raphael recently opened up about the experience in his book titled, Last Post. The boom contents are similar to letters addressed to various persons he was interested in over the years which includes Cruise, Kidman as well as Kubrick.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

According to Daily Mail, in the letter addressed to the Mission: Impossible star, Raphael mentioned the actor’s controlling nature and called him an “egocentric control freak”. He wrote,

“I have never been called a liar by anyone as I have been by the Harlan clan and by Tom Cruise”

The screenwriter accused the actor along with the director’s wife and brother “Harlan clan” of attempting to erase his contribution. Moreover, he even alleges them of tampering with his Wikipedia page. Seemingly, Raphael does not have a smooth history with Cruise and neither does his co-star Nicole Kidman.

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What Does Frederic Raphael Have to Say About Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

At the time that Eyes Wide Shut (1999) was in production, Nicole Kidman had been married to her co-star Tom Cruise. Turns out it was gonna be their last film as the two split soon after.

In his recent book where screenwriter Frederic Raphael criticized Cruise and Stanley Kubrick, he also questioned the duo’s relationship. And along with Cruise, he also made a harsh jibe at Kidman asking Kubrick,

“Can you think of a single movie of hers you wanted to see again?”

However, it is clear that despite all the behind-the-scenes issues, the two actors remained successful stars of Hollywood.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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