Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! This isn’t just another “Pitt” stop in a run-of-the-mill movie lineup, we’re talking high-speed thrills at breakneck velocity! The man who made us all swoon in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is now donning the helmet in an adrenaline-fueled F1 drama. Guessed his name? 

Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney
Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and George Clooney for Ocean’s Fourteen | Warner Bros. Pictures

But hold on—here’s the actual deal: a real-life racing legend, who is substituting film reels for checkered flags, is also producing this movie. And if that’s not spicy enough—an Oscar Winner won’t be slipping into the driver’s seat for this one.

From Racetrack to Silver Screen: Lewis Hamilton Gears Up for Epic F1 Film

Lewis Hamilton celebrate pole position, Malaysia GP 2017Liauzh
Lewis Hamilton celebrates pole position, Malaysia GP 2017 | Wikimedia/Liauzh

Hollywood’s glitter is about to take notice of F1’s explosive ascent! While everyone knows that Lewis Hamilton is a part of the next Brad Pitt F1 movie, there’s a name surprisingly absent from the cast list: Will Smith.

Although Oscar-winner Smith may have joined the fast-paced group, it appears that his physical makeup has put a wrench (or maybe a steering wheel) in the works. In a lighthearted conversation with Martin Brundle, Smith joked that he hadn’t been contacted but would’ve loved to be involved. “I might have to work on this gut though,” he said, alluding to the rigorous physical training that F1 drivers must do.

Jokes apart, co-producer and famous racer Hamilton is serious about this endeavor. His idea? To produce the best possible racing film experience. His goal? A film that captivates the hearts of both casual moviegoers and F1 enthusiasts. Hamilton said the previous year, 

I have such high hopes for it. I know we’re going to make the best racing movie that’s ever existed, both visually, and we’re going to work on making sure we pull on the heartstrings of all those fans.

Behind the scenes, this prestigious project has an excellent team. Large production companies Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment, and Lewis Hamilton’s Dawn Apollo Films are teaming up for this masterpiece. Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Ehren Kruger contributed his skills to the script, with Penni Thow, CEO of Copper, serving as executive producer.


Lewis Hamilton’s undying devotion behind the wheel and a dream squad put together mean that this F1 movie is sure to be a game-changer! Similar to the thrilling action on the racetrack, it is guaranteed to leave viewers breathless and itching for the checkered flag to drop. So buckle up, folks, because Hamilton is about to take Hollywood on an exciting ride!

The War Gets Personal: Brad Pitt Objects to Shiloh Testifying, Loses Last Name

Actor Brad Pitt, the star of the movie, who plays the part of “Wardaddy/Don Collier”
Actor Brad Pitt, the star of the movie, who plays the part of “Wardaddy/Don Collier” | Wikimedia/DoD News Features

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody battle is taking an ugly turn. Even if Pitt won the French winery case, the emotional cost increases. One by one, all of their kids are taking out his last name. The most recent blow? Shiloh Jolie, 18, is legally dropping “Pitt.” This comes after rumors surfaced that Pitt was against 14-year-old Shiloh testifying in court over her custody choices (via Daily Mail). 

At first, the judge gave partial custody to Pitt after siding with him. However, because of the judge’s secret connections to Pitt’s legal team, the ruling was reversed. With each child dropping his last name, the Babylon star walks away from the custody battle a hollow victor. 

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