The Wolverine of Hollywood Hugh Jackman is not only known for his great acting prowess but also for his down-to-earth behavior. The Australian actor has been the face of Wolverine for decades.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman was stalked by a female fan who went on to do a very embarrassing act that left him shaken. The X-Men actor was more worried about his family.

Hugh Jackman Was Assaulted By His Stalker With A Razor Filled With Pubic Hair

Hugh Jackman was attacked by a stalker identified as Kathleen Thurston in 2013. The Aussie actor was working out at the Gotham Gym located on Washington Street around 8 a.m. According to The Post, this was not the first time the stalker was stalking or intended to cause harm to the X-Men actor as she was previously spotted at his Luxe West Village too. He said-

“It was obviously frightening, For me, my main concern is for my family. I just hope the woman gets the help she needs.”

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman in Wolverine

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The actor claimed that Thurston had thrown a razor filled with her pubic hair at him while he was busy lifting weights and screamed I love you while a staffer dragged her away. Reportedly, Kathleen Thurston did not have any criminal records and Hugh Jackman had not filed a restraining order on her.

According to the Gym trainer Mikle Castle the blond stalker was wearing a pair of Khaki pants with a blue hoodie and was continuously sobbing as she slipped around the check-in desk. He said-

“She was crying. I physically removed her from the place, then I called the cops.”

Gotham Gym staff member David Rivera even said,

“You wouldn’t expect someone coming in here and looking to come after you like that. To just have someone invade his personal space like that is not OK.”

Celebrities have to pay a price for being in the limelight and sometimes it even turns dangerous when they are stalked by unknown fans with wrong intentions.

Hugh Jackman, Drew Barrymore, And Other Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Stalked

Recently, Drew Barrymore was stalked by an unknown man when she was on a live show. The actor was live on 92 Street Y when her stalker approached her near the stage, she was terrified and was escorted by the host to backstage. The video went viral on the internet.

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As reported by Variety, the stalker was identified as Chad Michael Busto. As he approached the stage, he said-

“I’m Chad Michael Busto, you know who I am. I need to see you at some point while I’m here in New York.” 

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

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As reported by Metro actor Rachel Bilson was stalked by a 40-year-old man in February 2023, who had broken into her Los Angeles home multiple times and repeatedly called her his wife. According to a statement given by the actor-

“There have been many incidents, messages on social media, and letters but most alarmingly, there have been multiple attempts to visit, and come into my home. He refers to me as “baby” and calls me his “future wife” and indicates that he believes I am pregnant with his child. I have never met him and have absolutely no intention of doing so.”

Rachel Bilson income 1
Rachel Bilson

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Sometimes celebrities have to pay a price for being in the spotlight. They are quite often subjected to stalking, public shaming, and trolling. Stalking should be taken seriously. There should be stricter laws for people committing this.


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