James Gunn, the CEO of DC Studios and the brains behind several prominent Marvel and DC projects, caught the attention of many fans when he revealed one of the most eagerly awaited rumors circulating about Grand Gustin’s comeback as the Flash in the upcoming movies.

With Gustin’s The Flash TV show coming to an end with its final season, many fans were left wondering if Gunn will consider introducing The Flash, played by Gustin for the upcoming movies in the DC universe.

The possibility has been huge because The Flash movie, starring Ezra Miller, didn’t really have a successful box office run.

James Gunn Talks About Rumors of Grant Gustin Starring for Future DC Movie

Snapshot from The CW's The Flash Starring Grant Gustin
Snapshot from The CW’s The Flash Starring Grant Gustin

James Gunn and Peter Safran are currently in charge of the DC Universe, and they both have some excellent ambitions to take the studios to the next level.

The Flash movie became not only a failure but also one of the greatest box office failures for a superhero film in the history of the DC universe. 

Despite the box office failure of The Flash, many fans have speculated that the CEOs of the production firm may be considering casting Grant Gustin, who has played Barry Allen for a long time for The CW’s show.

Picture of Grant Gustin
Picture of Grant Gustin

The 33-year-old Arrowverse actor just finished playing for The CW as Ballen Allen or Scarlet Speedster back in May this year and thus he is now available to take up a new project. With this news making its way to top headlines, many fans speculate and in fact, wanted him to take the legacy of appearing in the same role in DC movies as well.

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The rumors that Gunn and Gustin might collaborate have been around for a time, especially since it was discovered that The Flash star and the CEO of DC Universe have begun to follow each other on Instagram.

When asked if the star would feature in any upcoming DC films, Gunn responded:

“Grant was following me and I like him as an actor so we chatted a bit and I followed him back. Very simple!”

In Gunn’s statement, he clearly said that he did have a conversation with the Glee star. However, he never really mentioned what conversation he add with the star in specific. 

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What’s Next for Grant Gustin in the DC Universe?

Picture of Grant Gustin as Flash
Picture of Grant Gustin as Flash

Gustin has been involved with the program for a long time as a cast member of The Flash, an additional spin-off of Arrow. The CW’s The Flash has continuously been among the best-performing TV shows for decades because of his excellent acting skills.

After making his debut in Season 2 of Arrow, he earned the position of carrying on the legacy of portraying Flash onscreen.

Fans claim that DC’s The Flash’s failure to include his version of the DC icon in a story that was all about the fastest man alive exploring the multiverse is the reason why the movie was a failure.

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Does this mean Miller should be removed from DCU? Despite of movie’s failure, The Perks of Being a Wallflower star has also been involved in a lot of controversies for a very long time; in fact, it led to their imprisonment as well. Many fans have been calling for Miller to be fired from their role due to the controversy for a while now, which again raises the possibility of Gustin getting the role instead.

There is currently no information on whether Gastin will make an appearance in any upcoming DC movies. Even if DC Studios considers Gustin for a future film, particularly for the Flash movie, it won’t come as a huge surprise.

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