Friends is one of the most loved shows in the world. The show has entertained millions of people around the globe, and it is no surprise that the fans love the cast immensely. One of the things that made the show extremely successful was the fact that the cast were friends in real life as well and shared a lot of love for each other, which was reflected on the screen as well. Years after the show, the cast’s friendship has remained alive since Jennifer Aniston recently shared a sweet post dedicated to Lisa Kudrow.

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Jennifer Aniston wishes Lisa Kudrow a happy birthday via Instagram

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow
Jennifer Aniston wishes Lisa Kudrow on Instagram

Recently, Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to wish her co-star, Lisa Kudrow, a happy birthday. The actress shared a picture of the two from way back in 2003 when the two were still working together on the show. The actress also shared a GIF of Rachel and Phoebe cheering while jumping up and down from the show and wrote, “I love you.” The actress then shared a third photo on her story in which she was kissing Lisa Kudrow.

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Lisa Kudrow says her children love Jennifer Aniston

Last year, Lisa Kudrow talked about how her children are close to Jennifer Aniston and often mistook her as their mother. She talked about her son Julian Stern’s visit to the show’s set,

“He got a little confused, I know that he was really obsessed with Jen Aniston. He’d fly into her lap.”

“Well, she’s a love bug, and that made sense. And I was always glad for anyone that Julian felt love for and felt from. But then at home, she’d be on TV, and he’d go, ‘Mommy! I’m kind of analytical so I’m like, ‘Is this wishful thinking? Do they have some kind of higher soul connection that I don’t have with him?’ I’m happy for both of them.”

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Lisa Kudrow says Courtney Cox helped her during the worst time of her life

Cast of Friends 1

Lisa Kudrow also talked about her friendship with Courtney Cox and stated that the star had been incredibly supportive when her mother passed away at the beginning of the pandemic.

“These women came running to support, that was really nice. They came to the funeral, it wasn’t a lot of notice, and they were there.”

Seeing the stars remain friends even after years since the show ended is endearing for the fans. Hopefully, the stars will continue to remain friends for years to come.

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