Morgan Freeman once did not even know Denzel Washington by name, but eventually, the two actors became friends, and they worked together on the big screen in the 1989 movie Glory, by which time Washington too was a marquee name. In fact, Washington won his first Oscar for the same role. In an April interview with The Sunday Times, Freeman reflected on his career and said he felt envious of Denzel Washington’s career. At 17 years Freeman’s junior, Washington’s experience in the world of acting has been vastly different.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman

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Denzel Washington’s Messed Up Sword Fight With Morgan Freeman

Now one of the best actors alive, with two Oscars and several of the best movies ever made in his past, Denzel Washington messed up the sword fight when two of the best actors went blade to blade. Once upon a time, the young and ambitious, Washington annoyed Freeman by his utterly failed attempt to re-choreograph a simple on-stage sword fight.

The incident took place during the New York Shakespeare Festival, Freeman was playing the title character in the play Coriolanus, while Washington was cast in a minor role. But the role gave the latter an opportunity to swing swords with the former which he thought was an opportunity to make an impression.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman said he’s ‘envious’ of Denzel Washington’s career: ‘He’s doing what I wanted to do’

Washington said: “I had a scene where I had this three-hit sword fight with Morgan. And of course, I thought the play was all about my character. So I went up to Morgan and I said: ‘I think maybe I could wound you, cut slice’. What next followed was a serious Freeman stare and he told Washington:  “We click the swords three times, click click click. I stab you, you fall down, and you die. Quickly.” While Washington’s attempts to grab the spotlight badly failed, he did learn a valuable lesson for his career.

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Morgan Freeman Health Update As Star Forced To Cancel Trip

Morgan Freeman was due to visit the UK this week alongside Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldana to promote the new spy thriller, Special Ops: Lioness, but the star had to cancel his scheduled trip due to ill health. The 86-year-old was forced to cancel the trip after he contracted a contagious infection.

The iconic actor’s representative told The Sun: “Mr. Freeman was not able to attend his planned trip to the UK because he had a contagious infection. He is fine now.” The Invictus star was down with a fever ahead of his travel plans, with doctors informing him that whatever he’d contracted was contagious, though the rep did not share with the publication what his official diagnosis was.

Morgan Freeman
Hospital Apologizes to Morgan Freeman for Using His Face As a Skin Warning.

His representatives also informed TMZ that the actor is doing well and is on the way to recovery. During an appearance on the BBC’s One Show Tuesday evening host Alex Jones told Kidman and Saldana she was so gutted Freeman had to cancel being promoted as a guest.

Special Ops: Lioness marks a genre change for Sheridan, who is remaining with Paramount + after helming western hits like Yellowstone and its spinoffs 1886, 1923, and the upcoming 6666.

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