Gordon Ramsay, the famous fiery-tempered Scottish chef, has been making headlines for his no-nonsense attitude in the kitchen and spiteful language on screen. The culinary king has been hosting TV shows for a decade and has recently come up with his new cooking show, Next Level Chef. The celebrity chef who owns a house in Cornwall is famous for barking instructions in his cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and MasterChef

Gordon Ramsay calls 'Next Level Chef' a fucking nightmare
Gordon Ramsay hosts Next Level Chef

Recently Gordon Ramsay has become a topic of conversation for scaring a journalist into leaving behind her values and beliefs. Ramsay’s new cooking show Next Level Chef is deemed the world’s toughest cooking show, and Lydia Veljanovski, from The Mirror who went for an interview, was terrified by the culinary king. 

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Lydia Veljanovski was scared by Gordon Ramsay 

If you are well aware of the short-tempered celebrity chef, you will do anything to ignore him at your peril. Lydia Veljanovski, from The Mirror recalling her experience with Ramsay, said “once [I had] shakily mixed the bacon into the creamy pasta, I swallow a whole mouthful. Abandoning my principles in the face of celebrity isn’t something that fills me with pride, but do you know what does?” 

Lydia Veljanovski participates in Next Level Chef

Lydia Veljanovski is a feature writer, who entered the show Next Level Chef just to have an idea of what it felt like to be a contestant on the show. The journalist reported back stating how the fiery-tempered chef went on barking instructions “taste as you go!”. Now whilst a vegetarian is cooking a recipe that contains bacon is not something, they want to hear. 

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Gordon Ramsay forces a vegetarian journalist to consume meat 

Gordon Ramsay‘s new show Next Level Chef mentors twelve contestants on their journey to achieving culinary greatness. The show has been deemed ruthless and the toughest cooking show ever hosted by a celebrity chef. Ramsay’s new show tests the kitchen skills and the aptitude of culinary fanatics in three different kitchens. The contestants are supposed to use their creativity and expertise to navigate through several contrasting environments while cooking. 

Lydia Veljanovski, being one of the contestants of the show, went to embark on the journey of being a great chef, although she claimed “I can barely fry an egg without setting off a fire alarm.” The vegetarian journalist from The Mirror happened to be terrified of the celebrity chef, so much so that she ate bacon whilst cooking in the show. 

Lydia Veljanovski forced to eat bacon by Gordon Ramsay

Later that afternoon, Gordon, 56, describes my carbonara attempt with two words: ‘It’s nice.’” says Veljanovski. She reported that she participated in the show “because I have any culinary talent” but simply because it was a part of her job as a journalist to understand how contestants are treated on the show. 

Well, things didn’t go as planned by The Mirror for Lydia Veljanovski. The vegetarian was scared to death and was forced to eat bacon by our Michelin star-studded chef Gordon Ramsay. 

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Source: Cornwall Live

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